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    • Algebra Equation Solving Flow Chart

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      Does the equation have a single variable that is always raised to the same power? If yes, then it is a power equation. To solve it, isolate the power term on one side, then take an appropriate root of both sides of the equation. Examples: Does the equation have a single variable that occurs several times raised to different powers?

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    • Calculating Work Worksheet

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      In the equation for work, F is the_____ applied to the object and d is the _____ through which the force is applied. If you are in a car that is being pulled down a 56.0 m path with a force of 12.5 Newton’s (N), what is the “work” done on the car? A crane does work of 13,500 J with a force of 5200 N to lift a beam.

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    • Calculating Work and Power by Climbing Stairs

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      Calculating Work and Power by Climbing Stairs Name:_____ Introduction: In this activity, you will find out if a person does more work walking up a flight of stairs or running up the same flight of stairs by having you or someone else actually do this. You will also lean what scientists mean by the words work and power.

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    • Capillary Viscometer (Non-Newtonian Flow) Calculation Notes

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      For a power law fluid, you still use Eqn 1 to get wall. Use the diameter of the capillary tube that you calculated from the glycerol case (do not use 0.04”). For a power law fluid, the following eqn is true (See BSL, 1960, p. 11, Geankoplis, p. 162, McCabe, Smith and Harriot, 2001 p. 50). wall = m( wall)n (4)

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    • How to Calculate Safety Distances - Stability Technology, Inc.

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      For a mechanical power press it is the stopping time measured at approximately the 90º position of the crankshaft rotation ... from the ANSI calculation above, the EN 999 equation yields: Therefore, the minimum safe distance for the same application would be 457.28mm based on EN 999. This article is based on information supplied by Allen ...

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    • Mathematics Test—No Calculator - College Board

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      , and whose denominator is 2 to the power . y. which can be rewritten as the fraction 2 to the power 3 x, over 2 to the power . y. Since the numerator and denominator of the fraction 2 to the power 3 x, over 2 to the power . y. have a common base, this expression can be rewritten as 2 to the 3 x. minus . y. power. It is given that 3 x minus . y

    • Power Spectral Density - the basics

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      Power Spectral Densfty (PSD) is the frequency response of a random or periodic signal. It tells us where the average power is distributed as a function of frequency. ( The PSD is deterministic, and for certain types of random signals is independent of time1. This is useful because the Fourier transform of a random time signal is itself random ...

    • Power and Sample Size Calculation - Purdue University

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      power =0.8 - Step where the desired power is specified. This could be calculated (designated with at '.') if the sample size is given. plot x=power min=0.6 max=1.0 - This statement provides a power curve which will display power ranging from 0.6 to 1.0 on the x-axis and the sample size which corresponds to that power on the y-axis.


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      Thus far we have an equation for , the power density in the location of the target. As the electromagnetic wave passes by the target, some of the power in it is captured by the target and re-radiated back toward the radar. The process of capturing and re-radiating the power …

    • Railway: TE, acceleration, and braking

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      To calculate how long it will take for a train to come to rest when the locomotive power is cut off and the brakes are applied, and how far it will travel in this time, set . Since acceleration, f, is rate of change of velocity, a differential equation: describes the motion, and, once the initial speed is given, defines v as a function of time t.