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      MATH: PRECALCULUS. UNIT 1: GRAPHING RATIONAL FUNCTIONS (3 WEEKS) 2013-14 Synopsis: This unit will begin with a review of linear, absolute value, piecewise, polynomial irrational, exponential, log, and trig functions. After reviewing these functions, rational functions will be taught in depth. STANDARDS. F.IF7d

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      9 59 Prentice (Pearson), Precalculus: Graphing & Data Analysis 60 61 55 013778499 6. 6 60 McDougal (Houghton), Precalculus: Graphing & Data Analysis 61 61 59 066941741 6. 21 60 McDougal (Houghton), Trigonometry Enhanced with Graphing Utilities 61 62 57 066941737 8

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    • Mathematics Content Standards - Content Standards (CA …

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      1.1 Determine the approach, materials, and strategies to be used. 1.2 Use tools and strategies, such as manipulatives or sketches, to model problems. 2.0 Students solve problems in reasonable ways and justify their reasoning: 2.1 Explain the reasoning used with …

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    • Home - Darlington County School District

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      USATest Prep: Graphing Linear Functions (02:49), Graphing y=x (01:28), Recognizing Functions www.phschool.com , Web Code: ate-0775, Chapter 6-3 Applying Linear Functions

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    • Precalculus - GALILEO Open Learning Materials

      Precalculus Grants Collection Affordable Learning Georgia Grants Collections are intended to provide faculty with the frameworks to quickly implement or revise the same materials as a Textbook Transformation Grants team, along with the aims and lessons learned from project teams during the implementation process.

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    • Ohio University

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      Resources Used in the Modspar Program. 2016–2017. Resources Provided to All Modspar Scholars. Bliss, K. M., Fowler, K. R., & Galluzzo, B. J. (2014).

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    • Exponential Functions & Their Applications

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      Let’s first get some practice graphing some very basic exponential functions by hand. In order to graph these let’s refer back to the 3 values listed above, where the exponent is 0, -1 and 1. In this special case, the general exponential function, the points that we graph are (0, 1), ( …

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      Mathematics 129, Precalculus Mathematics I, is the first of a two-semester sequence that provides a background for students who are preparing to take calculus. Topics include sets, the real number system, exponents, radicals, polynomials, equations, inequalities, functions, relations, graphing conic sections, rational, exponential and ...

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    • College of Science and Engineering Texas A&M University ...

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      Calculators can change the way we teach. Bert K. Waits reports ten fundamental activities done with hand-held visualization technology in the classroom work of students in the Calculator and Computer Precalculus project (involving more than 1,000 schools in the USA). These activities are: 1) Approach problems numerically.

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      Title: AP CALCULUS AB Author: Robert C. Hawkins Last modified by: Shannon Martin Created Date: 10/1/2007 12:01:00 AM Company: Council Rock High School South

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