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      Comparing Reconstruction Plans. Directions-Fill in the blanks as we read the following chart aloud. QUESTIONS PRESIDENTIAL PLANS Lincoln and Johnson CONGRESSIONAL PLAN. Radical Republicans What constitutional reasons were given to justify reconstruction measures for the former Confederate states?

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      President Andrew Johnson’s plan for Reconstruction aimed to punish confederate leaders. Thaddeus Stevens could be described as a Republican, a Representative, and a Northerner, BUT NEVER A MODERATE since he was the leader of the RADICAL REPUBLICANS. The Compromise of 1877 signaled an end to RECONSTRUCTION.

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      The Reconstruction plan presented by the Radical Republicans, led by Representative Thaddeus Stevens, centered on this essential political approach: The South should be rebuilt and restored to full rights immediately

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      Part 1 - Presidential Reconstruction. The Aftermath of the Civil War. The physical toll. Southern shipping and railroads were _____ ... Johnson’s plan for Reconstruction was similar to Lincoln’s, however, it was more _____on the south . Part 2 - Congressional Reconstruction.

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      Explain how Presidential Reconstruction helped advance the 5 ideals our country was founded on (equality, rights, liberty, opportunity, democracy). 11.3: Political Cartoon 2 – “Collision on the Grand Trunk Columbia Railroad”

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    • [DOC File]Reconstruction – 1865-1877

      B. Johnson – surprised Congress – followed 10% plan and some states reentered. 1. State constitutions only have to 1) repeal secession, 2) repudiate debts, 3) ratify 13th. 2. Johnson pardoned many aristocrats. II. Congressional Reconstruction. A. December 1865 – Southern delegates arrive in D.C. – many of same Confederate leaders. 1.

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      Under Lincoln's plan, any state that was readmitted must make slavery illegal as part of their constitution. President Johnson President Lincoln was assassinated at the end of the Civil War, however, and never had the chance to implement his Reconstruction plan.

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      Compare and Contrast President Johnson’s plan for Reconstruction to that of the Radical Republicans; Essential Question: If President Lincoln had not been assassinated, how would the Reconstruction period have been different? Standards: SS5H2 The student will analyze the effects of Reconstruction …

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      RECONSTRUCTION PLANS. PRESIDENTIAL RECONSTRUCTION CONGRESSIONAL RECONSTRUCTION According to this plan, what did former Confederate states have to do to be readmitted to the Union? What happened to former Confederate leaders under this plan? Under this plan, how would the government help freedmen? What political rights would freedmen have?

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