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      Page 8 of 16. McCray Psychological Services, Inc. Psychological Assessment. P.O. Box 7525, S. Lake Tahoe, CA 96158, Phone (530) 318-2131, Fax (866) 899-6977

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    • [DOC File]The Clinical Interview - Psychology

      Perception: transferring physical stimulation into psychological information. Depersonalization and derealization. Delusional mood. Heightened perception. Changed perception. Hallucinations. Non-pathological hallucinations. Alcoholic hallucinosis. Illusions – misperceptions of …

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    • [DOC File]Sample Progress Notes - Information Technology Services

      Sample Progress Note for Counseling Psychology (PSYC 321) (Date) Intake Session. The client was somewhat anxious at the beginning of our session, but became more relaxed as the session progressed. Her main concern was that she bites her fingernails excessively. She said that she has been biting her nails since she was three years old and ...

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    • [DOCX File]California State University, Sacramento

      Child/Adolescent Report of Posttraumatic Symptoms. The . Child/Adolescent Report of Posttraumatic Symptoms (CROPS) is a 26 item self-report screening questionnaire designed to measure a broad range of posttraumatic symptoms. On this measure . NAME. obtained a raw score of ## (score range = 0 to 52). Items endorsed by . NAME

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    • [DOC File]Sample Psycho-educational Report Recommendations

      Sample Psycho-educational Report Recommendations If the student is challenged by social situations, then the following intervention and support recommendations might be appropriate Provide interpretation of social situations as indicated.

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      Report feeling more positive about self and abilities. Report feeling happy/better mood (4 days out of 7) Get 7-8 hours of restful sleep every night. Get through a week without a crying spell. Parenting. Goal: Improve parenting skills. Set two limits and stick with a plan that will require more responsible behavior.

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      SAMPLE EVAULATION FORM #3. In order to continue to improve the quality of educational programming, the Department of Psychiatry, would appreciate you taking a few minutes of your time to complete this evaluation. Your comments and suggestion will help us to plan future lectures to meet your educational needs. Session Title:

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      A social history report is a professional document that is frequently prepared by social workers in a variety of direct practice settings. This document may be identified in different ways within organizations. The essence of the report documents the social aspect of the past and current life experience of the client.

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    • DSMB Report Template

      If you are creating an electronic version of the full report, use Adobe pdf (or equivalent) to combine the files with this document in a “published” Adobe report. It is very useful to include a Table of Contents or, at a minimum, a list of items contained within each Appendix (e.g., a list of table numbers and names).

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    • [DOC File]House-Tree-Person Write up - Central Connecticut State ...

      Psychological Report 2. Examiner: Your information goes here. Supervised by: Carolyn R. Fallahi, Ph. D. Date of report writing: Demographic Information. Name: Sex: Date of Birth: Age: Date of Test Administration and Assessment: Reason for Evaluation . Test Administered and Assessment Battery. Background Information & Developmental History

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