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    • [PDF File] ATMega128 I/O Ports - College of Engineering

      All ports have read-modify-write capability, i.e.,-i.e., you can change pin direction, pin value, or pin pull-up resistor without effecting any other pins in the port Control of all ports and pins is done with three registers-DDRx (i.e., DDRB is data direction register port B)-PORTx (i.e. PORTB is the output register for port B)

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    • [PDF File] EPOS2 24/2 Getting Started

      Startup Wizard (Step 1): Minimum External Wiring: Verify correct hardware installation ( chapter “3.2 Step 2: Minimum External Wiring” on page 3-11). Make sure you have read “Getting Started” and confirm by clicking ¤Confirm that you’ve read the “Getting Started” document¤. Click ¤Next¤ to proceed. Figure 3-12.

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    • [PDF File] QS2002 Quick Start Guide

      Connect the PLC to the servo driver as described in this Quick Start Guide. Install the MC_Modbus library by executing the setup file. Select “FP0R Example” or “FP7 Example” from “Start” menu. FPWIN Pro starts and opens the demo project included in the library. Select “Online” > “PLC type” and set the connected PLC type.

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    • [PDF File] CANalyzer/CANoe as a COM Server - Vector Informatik GmbH

      CANalyzer and CANoe have a built-in COM interface beginning with version 3.0. The following goals can be achieved by using this COM server functionality: Creation and modification of CANalyzer/CANoe configurations. Measurement automation, i.e. configuration load, start and stop measurement, start test modules.

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    • [PDF File] ePOS-Print API User's Manual

      Describes how to write programs in Web application development. Describes the ePOS-Print API. Describes the ePOS-Print CanvasAPI. Appendix Describes the specifications for printers used for ePOS-Print, how to use the rendering of images in HTML5 Canvas. ePOS-Print Editor Describes the ePOS-Print Editor.

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    • [PDF File] S7-200 Transmit and Receive - Siemens

      User can use the Transmit (XMT) and Receive (RCV) instructions for communication between a S7‐200 SMART CPU and other devices or S7-200 SMART through the CPU serial port(s). Each S7‐200 SMART CPU provides an integrated RS485 port (Port 0). The standard CPUs additionally support an optional CM01 Signal Board (SB) RS232/RS485 …

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    • [PDF File] Using PuTTY to send commands over RS232 - Wentworth …

      PuTTY is a free and open-source terminal emulator, serial console and network file transfer application. It will allow you to send individual commands to the prober, and to see the prober's responses to each command. This will allow you to ensure that the RS232 connection is working, and to test individual commands.

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      AppNote003 A2B control from Python 1 ,2 SCL 3,4 SDA 5,6 GND 7,8 VDD (3.3V) 1 GND 2 SDA 3 GND 4 SCL 5 3.3V 6 RESETn C: ... AppNote003 A2B control from Python # write to GPIO on remote node # reset IC name (data will be returned in it due to COM bug) ic_name = VARIANT(pythoncom.VT_BYREF | pythoncom.VT_BSTR, "IC 1") masterAddress = 0x68

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    • [PDF File] FTDI Drivers Installation Guide for Windows 10/11

      3.2 Pre-Installation using the FTDI setup executable. The Windows 10/11 CDM driver is also available as a setup.exe from the FTDI website, as shown in Figure 3.2. Note: This only applies to the Desktop version of the driver (x86 (32-Bit) and x64 (64-Bit)) and does not include ARM64 or universal versions of the driver.

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    • [PDF File] Real COM Mode for NPort - Moxa

      Port Interface, select the appropriate serial interface for the attached device. 6. In the Telnet console main menu, select Save/Restart to restart the NPort with the new settings activated. 7. Install the NPort Windows Driver Manager on the host PC. This driver can be downloaded from the Support Software & Documentation at 8.

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    • [PDF File] Re-Assigning COM Port Numbers Using the Windows …

      Right click on this saved file and select “Edit” to open the file, as shown in the figure below. Figure 5 - Edit the Registry File. In the FTDIUSB.reg file, modify the “FriendlyName” and “PortName” in the file for each port which needs to re-assigned. Figure 6 - Modifying the FTDIUSB.reg Registry File.

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    • [PDF File] AN197: Serial Communications Guide for the CP210x - Silicon …

      All of a COM port's settings are stored in a DCB structure. In section 2.2 Saving the COM Port's Original State a DCB structure was retrieved that contained the initial settings of the COM port by using the GetCommState() function. To change a COM port's settings, a DCB structure must be created and filled out with the desired settings.

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    • [PDF File] ioLogik E1200 Series Quick Installation Guide - Moxa

      Connecting the Power. Connect the +12 to +36 VDC power line to the ioLogik E1200’s terminal block V+ terminal; connect the ground from the power supply to the V-. terminal. Connect the ground pin ( ) if earth ground is available. NOTE For safety reasons, wires connecting the power supply should be at least 2 mm in diameter (e.g., 12 gauge wires).

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    • [PDF File] u-center User guide

      u-center user guide - U-blox is a comprehensive document that explains how to install, configure, and use u-center, the versatile GNSS evaluation software for Windows. It covers the features and functions of u-center, such as data visualization, logging, replay, firmware update, and more. It also provides tips and troubleshooting for common issues and …

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    • [PDF File] Requirements on Runtime Environment - AUTOSAR

      Requirements on Runtime Environment AUTOSAR CP R21-11 2013-03-15 4.1.1 AUTOSAR Release Management Added support for concepts: – Enhance Port Compatibility: [SRS_Rte_00236] – Refined Scheduling of Runnables: [SRS_Rte_00237]

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    • [PDF File] Tutorial: Serial Communication in Matlab - San José State …

      that can be set. (ex. port number, baud rate, buffersize, etc) • One of those attributes is the port number. A label that cooresponds to which port your device is connected to. • In order to actually send or recieve data through the serial port object it must be open. When not in use it can be closed (not the same as deleting it)

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    • Cypress USB-Serial VCP I2C/SPI API Guide - Infineon …

      Introduction. Cypress USB-Serial virtual COM port (VCP) I2C/SPI APIs provide an easy start to using USB-Serial Communications Device Class (CDC) devices in the Windows operating system. USB-Serial devices connect USB with I2C/SPI/UART. In USB CDC mode, I2C, SPI, or UART devices are accessible to Windows applications using the VCP.

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    • [PDF File] SK-TDA4VM User's Guide (Rev. D) - Texas Instruments India

      After software-initiated power down (using GPIO0_55), pressing pushbutton [SW3] will re-enable and boot the EVM. Function 2: Power Management Input/Interrupt. The pushbutton [SW3] is connected with Power Management IC (IO4), and can be programmed for different power related functions (ex. Wake from Sleep).

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    • [PDF File] MicroPython Basics: Load Files & Run Code - Adafruit …

      Once Python is avaialble on your system you can easily install ampy from the Python package index. If you're using Python 2.7.x open a terminal and run this command: Note: If you have both Python 2.7.x and Python 3.x on your Windows computer, make sure you are running the Python 3.x version of pip. Having both versions of Python in

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    • [PDF File] Getting started with IVI and Python - IVI Foundation

      Python is a rising star in the programming world. Major T&M companies have added Python support everywhere. Python is an important tool that customers want to use. There is strong third-party support: Google and Microsoft, for example. And support from the Python community is outstanding. Python is a multi-paradigm programming language.

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    • [PDF File] AN571: CP210x Virtual COM Port Interface - Silicon Labs

      AN571. 3. Flow Control. The Virtual COM Port protocol is designed to allow ports to perform the same handshaking that is performed by PCs when running Windows with a real serial port. To do this, the device is required to follow detailed rules for flow control. The Virtual COM Port protocol provides full-duplex data streams.

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    • [PDF File] Installing SoftLINK - PerkinElmer

      Installing SoftLINK. The SoftLINK Interface is designed for easy customer installation. All you need to do is properly connect the cables, install the SoftLINK software, and configure SoftLINK and TotalChrom for your instruments. If you are connecting to a GC follow the GC Cable Installation instructions. If you are connecting to an LC, follow ...

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