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      Decisions regarding changes to metrics, thresholds, or service levels should be clearly documented. Changes to service levels, procedures, and metrics will be incorporated as a contract modification at the convenience of the PCO/ACO. ATTACHMENT 1: PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS SUMMARY. Required Services (Tasks) Performance. Standards Acceptable Quality

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      1.6.2 Quality Assurance: The government shall evaluate the contractor’s performance under this contract in accordance with the Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan. This plan is primarily focused on what the Government must do to ensure that the contractor has performed in accordance with the performance standards.

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      The following are examples of your deficient performance in this element: (As a general rule, there should be at least 2 examples of deficiencies for an employee to receive a unacceptable rating) 1. The office’s electric bill for March 200x, was received on April 3, 200x. Accordingly, payment of that bill was due on May 3, 200x.

      employee performance metrics examples

    • [DOCX File]QASP Template


      [Identify quality standards and expectations for customers, the project, organization and federal regulations, define customer and project goals, quality standards, critical success factors, and metrics for which to measure success, and outline acceptance criteria for project deliverables and product performance.]

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    • [DOCX File]Sample: Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan


      Performance Statement Examples. Shows up to work on time, and follows instructions, policies, and procedures. Meets productivity standards, deadlines, and work schedules. Stays focused on tasks in spite of distractions and interruptions. Makes the best use of available time and resources. Balances quality of work with meeting deadlines.

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    • [DOC File]Quality Management Plan


      Performance Metrics: List the performance metrics used to track contractor progress towards meeting stated performance objectives (the service the contractor is performing). The MFT in assessing contractor performance validates that the performance metrics align with the performance-based work statement and overall mission support objectives.

      quality assurance metrics examples

    • 15 Examples of Performance Metrics - Simplicable

      Metrics and methods are designed to determine if performance exceeds, meets, or does not meet a given standard and acceptable quality level. A rating scale shall be used to determine a positive, neutral, or negative outcome.

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      This QASP defines the roles and responsibilities of all members of the integrated project team (IPT), identifies the performance objectives, defines the methodologies used to monitor and evaluate the contractor’s performance, describes quality assurance documentation requirements, and describes the analysis of quality assurance monitoring results.

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    • [DOC File]Sample: Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan


      is the process of taking performance metrics from the team and comparing the results with those of other teams or with industry best practice. ‘Gaps’ or problems with performance can be identified and performance improvements achieved through investigating causes and identifying the best solutions.

      quality control metrics

    • [DOC File]Competency Examples with Performance Statements


      The intent is to ensure that the Contractor performs in accordance with performance metrics set forth in the contract documents, that the Government receives the quality of services called for in the contract and that the Government only pays for the acceptable level of services received. The QASP has been developed by the requiring activity.

      examples of quality metrics

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