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    • After the notice period has ended, the landlord can now ...

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      RENTAL AGREEMENT. SECTION 1: PROJECT INFORMATION: ... LESSEE covenants and agrees to pay the LESSOR at a rental rate of ... LESSEE shall keep the property in good repair and at the expiration of this lease shall return the property to LESSOR in as good condition as when entered upon by LESSEE, ordinary wear and tear expected. ...

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      DCIC’s five equity funds have invested over $98.9 million in 2,021 affordable rental housing units in Delaware. Most projects enjoy close to 100 percent occupancy. The pre-tax rate of return in DCIC’s first four equity funds has been: Fund I, 15.89 percent; Fund II, 14.26 percent; Fund III, 19.34 percent; and Fund IV, 12.21 percent.

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    • Chapter 4 Credit UnderwritingOverview - Veterans Affairs

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      RENTAL CHARGES. Lessee shall pay rental for the entire Rental Period on each article of equipment named in the List of Equipment, at the rate therein stipulated and in accordance with the following: Monthly Rental Rates shall not be subject to any deductions on account of any non-working time in …

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    • Delaware Community Investment Corporation’s Housing …

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      The use of the premises is being given to the employee at a 20% discounted apartment rental rate of $000.00 per month, which IS NOT PART of the employee compensation package, in order to fulfill the condition of employment that the Property Manager/Employee reside in the apartment project he/she manages/maintains during the period of his/her ...

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      His after-tax rate of return on investments is 7% The stock has a value on December 28 of $100,000. Bill thinks the stock market may fall and he projects the value of the stock will to be $95,000 in early 2014. He will pay the additional tax with the next federal income tax return filed on April 15, 2014 or 2015.

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    • Employee Lease Addendum - Discounted Rent

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      terminate the lease agreement and leave the property without penalty; or. reduce (abate) the rent, usually by 1/3 of the pro rata daily rate, until the repairs are finished; or. make a claim for damages due to the condition of the property; or . file a Petition by Resident for …

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      Rental applications provide important information about prospective tenants such as their income, household members, tenant histories, and any criminal records. While property owners have the right to collect information from applicants, local, state, and Federal laws govern what questions may be asked or how they are asked.

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      Each property(ies) must have a 2-year rental history itemized on the borrower’s tax return. Property depreciation claimed as a deduction on the tax returns may be included in effective income. If after adding depreciation to the negative rental income, the borrower still has rental loss, the negative income should be deducted from the overall ...

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      Jun 19, 2013 · CAPITALIZATION RATE - the anticipated rate of return. The two (2) elements involved are: 1) Interest on the cost or value of the property, and 2) Recovery or Recapture of the Capital or principal invested in the (wasting asset) property.