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    • 24 Nonfiction Passages for Test Practice

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      7 There are many other words that come from people’s names. The diesel engine was named for its inventor, Rudolf Diesel. The word boycott comes from the name of an English landlord named Charles Boycott. Where each word came from is a story in itself. Who knows,

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    • A Close Look at Close Reading

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      Close reading includes: Using short passages and excerpts ... Close reading should occur with appropriately complex text. There are a number of factors that ... Begin with questions about the big ideas in the text and gradually ask higher level questions. 1. FIRST READ: KEY …

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      Ask your child at least one question from each category every time you read together. Always ask ONE Remembering Question before asking other questions. Remembering

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    • FSA ELA Reading Practice Test Questions

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      FSA ELA Reading Practice Test Questions Read the passages “The Kettle That Would Not Walk” and “The Cheeses That Ran Away” and then answer Numbers 1 through 4. Passage 1: The Kettle That Would Not Walk by Clifton Johnson ONE day a man was getting ready to go to market, and his wife

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    • First Grade Basic Skills - A Habitat For Learning

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      First Grade Basic Skills Basic reading comprehension and reading skills activities necessary for developing the skills students need to succeed! Written by: Aaron Levy & Kelley Wingate Levy Illustrated by: Karen Sevaly Look for all of Teacher’s Friend’s Basic Skills Books at your local educational retailer! Reading Comprehension and Reading ...

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    • GRADE 5 READING - Virginia Department of Education

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      GRADE 5 READING Form R0110, CORE 1 ... Reading SAMPLE A Aunt Jackie’s Ring 1 For Mary’s birthday, her aunt gave her a ring that was more than 100 years old. “Take ... Directions: Read the story and answer the questions that follow. A Rescued Project 1 It was Monday morning, and Katie hurried down the hallway to her classroom. She was ...

    • Gatsby Passages - North Thurston Public Schools

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      Gatsby Passages Directions for each passage: Margin-note on the passage itself as much as possible, but attach extra paper/Post-Its as necessary. Be thorough! answer the questions attached to the passage note and interpret the appearance of any of your …

    • HiSET Language Arts – Reading Practice Test

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      The passages in this test come from a variety of published works, both literary and informational. Each passage is followed by a number of questions. The passages begin with an introduction presenting information that may be helpful as you read the selection. After you have read a passage, go on to the questions that follow. For each question,

    • Kindergarten Teacher Reading Academy - Comprehension

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      comprehension purpose questions throughout a reading, always stopping to discuss, share thinking and to check understanding before setting a new one. When we set a comprehension purpose question, we think about a ... Kindergarten Teacher Reading Academy - Comprehension ...

    • Reading Comprehension - Sample Questions

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      Reading Comprehension - Sample Questions Questions 1-3. In this group of questions, two or three underlined sentences are followed by a question or statement about them. Read each group of sentences and then choose the best answer to the question or the best completion of the statement. 1. John was a compassionate, sensitive, and gentle man.

    • Reading Comprehension Study Guide & Sample Test …

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      a series of questions based on the letter. The following are examples of the types of passage interpretation reading comprehension questions most common to County employment tests. Answers and explanations for the questions are provided on pages 11-12 of this study guide. NOTE: Actual test

    • Short Passages Reading Comprehension and Question …

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      Short Passages Reading Comprehension and Question Answering Yuan Yang Northeastern University yang.yuan1@husky.neu.edu Zhe Hu Northeastern University hu.zhe@husky.neu.edu Abstract Allowing computers to directly answer questions is a big goal of NLP. There are several released datasets for machine reading comprehension task, including Facebook bAbI

    • Text Reading Efficiency Procedures - Grade 8

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      Text Reading Efficiency Procedures - Grade 8 ... Questions for the Reading Fluency passage (page 5) Prior to testing: 1. Read the test and scoring directions carefully before administering the test. 2. The Silent Reading test (pages 4 – 5) of comprehension may be administered in a whole group setting.

    • The Ultimate Guide to Destroy GRE Reading Comprehension

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      The passages mimic the material you’ll be reading in grad school, with advanced vocabulary, complex sentence structure, and complicated ideas. There are 3 types of questions you’ll have to answer on the reading comprehension: Main Idea Questions These are probably the most frequent questions you will see on any reading comprehension passage.