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    • Can a Good Lawyer Be a Bad Person

      two reasons. First, criticism of "good" lawyers-those who conscien-tiously obey the rules set down-for being "bad" people (or for doing "bad" things) may, if valid, hasten change in the rules the lawyers cite in defense. If a lawyer can be called "bad" while obeying the rule-ordina-

    • Client, You're Fired! Ethical Issues in Terminating a Client ...

      1793010.1 1/4/2011 1789448.2 Labor and Employment Law Section Annual Meeting 2011 Client, You're Fired! Ethical Issues in Terminating a Client Lawyer Relationship

    • Conflict of Interest and the Lawyer in Civil Practice

      CONFLICT OF INTEREST AND THE LAWYER IN CIVIL PRACTICE CHARLES P. KINDREGAN* At the heart of the skills which a lawyer offers to his client is the exercise of his independent professional judgment.

    • Deciding Recusal Motions: Who Judges the Judges?

      Deciding Recusal Motions: Who Judges the Judges? Leslie W. Abramson ... [or she] served as lawyer in the matter in controversy, or lawyer with whom he [or she] previously practiced law served during such association ... this Article also suggests that the reasons alleged for the

    • Lawyers in American Society 1750-1966

      LAWYERS IN AMERICAN SOCIETY 1750-1966 JAMES WILLARD HURST* Let us consider who the lawyer has been in American society over the past two hundred years. I choose the last two hundred years because it is not until one is past the middle of the eighteenth

    • Lawyers, Truth, and Honesty in Representing Clients

      lawyer must be a zealous advocate for the client, putting that per-son's interests ahead of all others.' As Lord Brougham famously described the lawyer's role in 1820: "[A]n advocate, in the dis-charge of his duty, knows but one person in all the world, and that person is his client."4 Some have argued that advocacy must

    • Nonlawyers and the Unauthorized Practice of Law: An Overview ...

      to retain a lawyer based on an inability to pay fees or, in the case of a pro bono lawyer, based on limited availability of free legal help. This Article is intended to give a brief overview of the basic legal and ethi-cal issues involved in the use of nonlawyers to inform further discus-sion of possible reforms.

    • PDF 3 Reasons Why Being A Good Lawyer Just Isn't Enough

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      3 Reasons Why Being A Good Lawyer Just Isn't Enough By John Kennedy Law360, New York (July 26, 2016, 8:18 PM ET)-- A good lawyer is often viewed as someone with a record of understanding and using the law to his or her client's advantage, but in today's industry, an exceptional knowledge of the law alone just doesn't cut it, experts say.

    • PDF 6 Reasons to Hire an Elder Law Attorney What Is Elder Law?

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      Reasons to Hire an Elder Law Attorney Seniors face complex legal concerns that are often different from what they faced when they were younger. Actions taken may have unintended legal effects. As a senior or someone who's helping make decisions for a senior, it's important that you work with an attorney who is an expert in Elder Law.

    • PDF A Lawyer's Guide to Client Trust Accounts State Bar of Texas

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      A Lawyer's Guide to . Client Trust Accounts . State Bar of Texas . Int. This material is intended for educational and . informational purposes only and intended only to address disciplinary issues under the authority of the State Bar of Texas. It does not constitute legal, accounting or professional advice, and


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      your lawyer know ahead of time so the court will be expecting you. Tell your lawyer to call the social worker's lawyer so that the social worker will come to the hearing, too. If you agree with the report, or if you just don't show up, then the court will usually make orders that are recommended by the worker in the report. 6

    • PDF AFTER ALL YOU ARE ONLY HUMAN - State Bar of Wisconsin

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      Page | 1 WHY THIS BOOK…AFTER ALL, YOU ARE ONLY HUMAN. According to the 2008 Member Satisfaction Survey conducted by the State Bar of Wisconsin, 25% of attorneys are solo practitioners. 28% work in firms of five lawyers or less. 20% are employed by firms of six t o fifteen lawyers.

    • PDF Attorney Withdrawal: The Ins-and-Outs of Getting Out

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      and the lawyer s duties and obligations with respect to withdrawal, as any consent a lawyer does obtain will be invalid unless it is sufficiently informed. Prior to taking any action, a lawyer should explain his reasons for withdrawing. This explanation should be objective, concise and clearly understandable rather than confrontational.

    • PDF Disqualification of The Advocate/Witness

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      which another lawyer in the lawyer's firm is likely to be called as a witness. In the representation of a client, a lawyer may be required to obtain discovery from, or call as a witness at trial, a lawyer who represents an adverse party. No ethical proscription automatically prohibits a lawyer from taking such action.

    • PDF HY AWYERS RE NHAPPY - My Assist Plan

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      5 The public nature of a lawyer's work is at the core of Kronman's concern: "The idea of the lawyer-statesman stands for the value of public service and the virtue of civic mindedness associated with it", supra note 4, at 109. Even Kronman's critics do not challenge the public nature of the lawyer's role, only

    • PDF How to Terminate a Client Engagement

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      HOW TO TERMINATE A CLIENT ENGAGEMENT JAMES M . MCCORMACK, Attorney and Counselor at Law ... mass tort settlements, disqualification motions, lawyer advertising and solicitation questions, organizational ethics reviews, expert testimony, representation before ... A lawyer may withdraw for reasons ...

    • PDF Leaving Issues: Ethical Considerations when Lawyers Leave Law ...

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      [4] When a law firm is dissolved or a lawyer leaves a firm to practise elsewhere, it usually results in the termination of the lawyer-client relationship as between a particular client and one or more of the lawyers involved. In such cases, most clients prefer to retain the services of the lawyer whom they regarded as being in charge of their

    • PDF Letter to A Law Student Interested in Social Justice

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      onto your dreams and hopes for being a lawyer of social justice. Your path has different markers than others. The traditional law school and professional marks of success are not good in-dicators for social justice advocates. Certainly, you hope for yourself what you hope for others - a good family, a home, good

    • PDF Lies, Deceit and the Ethical Rules, Can Prosecutors Lie for ...

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      3 D. (a) A lawyer shall not knowingly: E. (1) make a false statement of fact or law to a tribunal or fail to correct a false statement of material fact or law previously made to the tribunal by the lawyer; F. (2) fail to disclose to the tribunal legal authority in the controlling jurisdiction known to the lawyer to be directly adverse to the position of the

    • PDF Michigan Rules Of Professional Conduct

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      A lawyer's responsibilities as a representative of clients, an officer of the legal system, and a public citizen are usually harmonious. Thus, when an opposing party is well represented, a lawyer can be a zealous advocate on behalf of a client and at the same time assume that justice is being done. So also, a lawyer can be sure that

    • PDF Moving in-house a guide for the private practice lawyer

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      Moving in-house - a guide for the private practice lawyer By Scott Gibson Introduction Definition of terms The reason behind why a C&I department might want to hire you The rise and rise of the in-house lawyer The relatively limited impact of the 2008/9 recession on in-house legal departments Reasons for moving in-house

    • PDF Perils and Potential Profit of a Lawyer Serving as Trustee

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      Perils and Potential Profit of a Lawyer Serving as Trustee, Estate Planning Journal, Feb 2014 LAWYER-TRUSTEE Perils and Potential Profit of a Lawyer Serving as Trustee While serving as a trustee can provide a source of income, lawyers should consider the administrative, ethical, and other aspects of assuming the role of trustee.

    • PDF Standards for Imposing Lawyer Sanctions As Approved, February ...

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      reasons for sanctions imposed. Courts of record that impose lawyer discipline do a valuable ... The Standards for Lawyer Sanctions have been developed after an examination of all ... An approach which looked only at the extent of injury was also rejected as being too narrow.

    • PDF To a Young Lawyer, On Becoming a Judge

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      To a Young Lawyer, On Becoming a Judge by Hon. Nicole R. Laurin B ecoming a judge changes your life forever. People nervously address you as "judge" even during casual lunches. You are immediately treated as though you possess great wisdom which ironically went sadly unrecognized only a week before you took the bench. And every one of your ...

    • PDF When Do You Move to Withdraw as Appointed Counsel

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      When Do You Move to Withdraw as Appointed Counsel? Mary Jane Cook, Assistant Appellate Defender August 2, 2013 I. Prevention a. The best way to avoid a Motion to Withdraw (and the accompanying Difficult Client) is to keep in regular communication with the client. A lot of times, these situations can be avoided but sometimes, despite

    • PDF Why Lawyers Should Provide Pro Bono Services

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      Pro Bono Toolkit - Presentation Hand-out. Pg. 1 Eight Reasons Why Lawyers Should Provide Pro Bono Services • Pro Bono Benefits Every Lawyer: Government lawyers, smaller firm attorneys, solo practitioners, and educators can benefit from pro bono work by developing skills and expertise and creating

    • PDF Withdrawing as Counsel - Minnesota

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      Withdrawing as Counsel By Edward J. Cleary, Director Minnesota Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility Reprinted from Bench & Bar of Minnesota (November 1999) A few months ago, as a result of intense media coverage of a high-profile case, there was a great deal of

    • Procedural Due Process Rights of Pro Se Civil Litigants

      Procedural Due Process Rights cases, litigants have a statutory right, first embodied in the Judici-ary Act of 1789, to represent themselves. Most states also provide, either by constitution or by statute, for a right of self-representa-tion in state courts.5 One wonders, of course, given the labyrinthine nature of the

    • The Ethics of Moving to Disqualify Opposing Counsel for ...

      flict of interest include the present client of the attorney moving to disqualify opposing counsel, the present client of the attorney who is the target of the motion,6 and third parties. The law with respect to disqualification varies depending on the conflict relation and the poten-tially harmed party.

    • Trial Objections from Beginning to End: The Handbook for ...

      [Vol. 29: 243, 2002] Trial Objections from Beginning to End PEPPERDINE LAW REVIEW I. INTRODUCTION The defense lawyer pauses during his direct examination. He wants the jury to torturously anticipate his next question. Seated on the witness stand in a white lab coat, an orthopedic surgeon stares intently back at the lawyer.