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    • Top reasons to become a Lawyer - WeAreTheCity | Information, Ne…

      The Important Role of a Trial Lawyer Peter F. Vaira, The Legal Intelligencer November 14, 2016 Upon Further Review My late uncle, Louis Vaira, was an experienced trial and appellate lawyer in Pittsburgh. When asked his opinion of another practicing lawyer he would often respond, "He never tried a case."

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    • To a Young Lawyer, On Becoming a Judge

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      So, You Think You Want to Be a Judge Dana M. Levitz Former Judge, Baltimore County Circuit Court, MD ... become a lawyer, you first had to graduate from college, then go to law school, graduate, and take the bar examination. I made up my mind that was what I would do.


    • Why study Law at University if you don’t want to become a ...

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      Pro Bono Toolkit – Presentation Hand-out. Pg. 1 Eight Reasons Why Lawyers Should Provide Pro Bono Services • Pro Bono Benefits Every Lawyer: Government lawyers, smaller firm attorneys, solo practitioners, and educators can benefit from pro bono work …

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    • The Important Role of a Trial Lawyer - Constant Contact

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      insight as to whether becoming a lawyer is a good career fit and will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars if you decide to pursue a different option. Should you decide to acquire a law degree, the expertise gained as a ... 5 great reasons to become a paralegal

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    • Attorney Withdrawal: The Ins-and-Outs of Getting Out

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      become a lawyer or think that you may not become a practising lawyer. This is because the study of Law at University is not a vocational subject; it is an academic subject and an intellectual discipline. Even those students who study Law at University intending to become …


    • Why Lawyers Should Provide Pro Bono Services

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      To a Young Lawyer, On Becoming a Judge by Hon. Nicole R. Laurin B ecoming a judge changes your life forever. People nervously address you as “judge” even during casual lunches. You are immediately treated as though you possess great wisdom which ironically went sadly unrecognized only a week before you took the bench. And every one of your ...

    • Why Would Anyone Want to Be a Public Interest Lawyer?

      2 Preface This sixth edition of the Older Floridians Handbook was edited and revised by attor- neys at the law firm of Carlton Fields and the Florida Justice Institute. The …

    • 5 great reasons to become a paralegal - UCSD Extension

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      and the lawyer s duties and obligations with respect to withdrawal, as any consent a lawyer does obtain will be invalid unless it is sufficiently informed. Prior to taking any action, a lawyer should explain his reasons for withdrawing. This explanation should be objective, concise and clearly understandable rather than confrontational.

    • So, You Think You Want to Be a Judge - University of Baltimore

      that there are at least ten sound reasons for giving serious consideration to becoming a public interest lawyer. The first reason to become a public interest lawyer pertains to the colleagues who are likely to surround you. Almost no one drifts into public interest law. Lawyers choose

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