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    • [DOC File]Release of Student Information & Photo Release

      Parents and eligible students have a right to opt out of the inclusion of information about the student as directory information, photo/image, and student work. If you wish to opt out, you must check the box(es) below and return this form no later than September 30 or ten days following the student’s enrollment in the District, whichever is ...

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      I understand that my records may contain information regarding my mental health, substance use or dependency, or sexuality, and also may contain confidential HIV/AIDS – related information. I further understand that by signing below, I am authorizing the release or exchange of these records to the parties named above.

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    • [DOC File]Authorization for Release of Information - UMR

      Washington: Authorization expires on the earlier of the specific date stated or 90 days after signed, including authorization to release future health care information, except information to third party health care payors. UMR Authorization for Release of Information. Page 2

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    • [DOC File]Model Template Agency Release of Information Form

      Template: Client Limited Release of Information Form Created for adaptation by Julie Kunce Field, J.D. and NNEDV. Expiration should meet the needs of the victim, which is typically no more than 15-30 days, but may be shorter or longer.

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    • [DOCX File]Microsoft Word - Sample Authorization to Release ...

      the following documents/information from the records pertaining to services received Date of Service: The documents to be released are described or listed as: The records are required for the specific purpose of: ... Microsoft Word - Sample …

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    • [DOC File]State of Nevada

      This authorization for the Release of Medical Information waives any and all rights that the individual now has or in the future may have to bring any legal action against the releasing person/facility for any damages caused directly or indirectly by the release of this information or other confidential information.

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