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      2. Will the Applicant rent vehicles used to carry passengers for hire? Yes No 3. Does the Applicant knowingly rent to individuals or companies that will be operating the rental vehicle for use in a ride sharing or transportation network operation, such as, but not limited to, Uber, Uber X or Lyft? Yes No 4.


    • Driver & Vehicle Policy - Automotional

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      duty of care to ensure that all drivers using company vehicles or driving any vehicle on company business in any circumstances do so in a manner that minimises the risk, both to the employee and the company. The company has identified that motor vehicles are a …


    • Frequently Asked Questions about Section 8 Rental …

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      Frequently Asked Questions about Section 8 Rental Assistance Below are a number of questions often asked of Housing Solutions staff. If your questions are not answered, please contact us directly at 781-422-4226 and one of our rental assistance specialists will


    • Guidelines on Renting Vehicles

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      7. Employees who rent vehicles in Ontario under their own name may be exposing their own insurance policies to a claim for any damage or injury which occurs while the vehicle is in their custody or control. Revisions to Ontario’s insurance legislation have changed the priority of payments for

    • IFRS 16: The leases standard is changing

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      its own kiosk. The contract is for space in the stadium, and this space can be changed at the discretion of the Supplier. The Supplier has the substantive right to substitute the space Company A used because: a) The Supplier has the practical ability to change the space used at …


    • LOT LEASE AGREEMENT - American Family Communities, LLC

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      made to the account, rent or otherwise, shall be applied first towards any such accrued fees, pass through utilities 2nd, Mobile Home Loan payment 3rd, and prior to its being applied towards any rent payments. The remainder of any monies received by Lessor from Lessee shall be applied to past due rent, then to current rent. At any time during the

    • Leases and Rentals - New Jersey

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      Leases and Rentals. Tax Topic Bulletin S&U-12 . ... purchases tangible personal property for lease or rent, whether in this State or elsewhere. ... lease, or rental. If the lease involves motor vehicles, the trade-in credit is only available if the lessor is a dealer of motor vehicles registered with both the New Jersey Motor Vehicle

    • Mobilehome Rent Laws - California Courts - Home

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      Mobilehome Rent Laws Civil Code Sections 798-799.2.5 ... also includes trailers and other recreational vehicles of all types defined in Section 18010 of the Health and Safety Code, other than motor homes, truck ... or held out for rent, to accommodate mobilehomes used for human habitation.

    • Non-Owned Vehicle Controls - The Travelers Companies

      Non-Owned Vehicle Controls (USA and Canada) PAGE 1 Vehicle operations can create substantial risks for any organization. These risks occur when employees drive an organization’s vehicle, as well as vehicles the organization does not own, such as rentals or an employee’s personal vehicle, while conducting the organization’s business.

    • Section: Effective: Revised: EXEMPT FROM SALES TAX LEASE ...

      Leased/rental vehicles titled in the name of a titling, vehicle, or origination trust, must have a lease exemption number in that specific name or full tax will be due. RENTAL PURCHASE (RENT-TO-OWN) DEALERS Used vehicle dealers that have a lease exemption number issued …

    • Theft of Rental Services - BIPAC

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      "lessee", signs a written lease or rental contract with a person licensed to rent or lease tangible personal property under the provisions of Article 4, Chapter 12, Title 40, herein called "lessor", and obtains or exerts control over tangible personal property by reason …

    • U.S. Government Rental Car Agreement

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      U.S. Government Rental Car Agreement Number 4 1 1. Purpose. This Agreement, administered by the Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO), governs the rental of vehicles (passenger cars, sports utility vehicles, station wagons, passenger vans, and small pick-up trucks) by military members, employees of the Federal

    • VEHICLE RENTAL FAQ’S - Procurement Services

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      • If Enterprise or National services the area from which you are arriving or departing, it is mandatory that you rent your vehicles from them. • If Enterprise or National does not service the area from which you are arriving or departing, you may select another provider

    • files.hawaii.gov

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      personnel who rent, own, or lease vehicles. We made site visits to all ten campuses. We contacted other state agencies to determine how other departments manage their motor vehicle programs. We reviewed university documents, records, forms, and files. We also reviewed financial and operational information about the university's