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  • research and teaching statement sample

    • Statement of Teaching Interests - University of Pittsburgh

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      Statement of Teaching Interests Jonathan Misurda Department of Computer Science Voice: (412) 624-8835 University of Pittsburgh Fax: (412) 624-5249 ... and research. CS 0004 – Introduction to Computer Programming in Visual Basic was a very challenging course to teach. The majority of the students were either taking it to fulfill a graduation ...

      example teaching statement

    • Teaching Statement - University of Colorado Boulder

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      Teaching Statement Yuko Munakata Department of Psychology, University of Denver Teaching is one of the most rewarding aspects of my career. My primary goals in teaching are to inform and excite students about the process and content of scientific discoveries in psychology. Student evaluations suggest that I have been effective in achieving ...

      statement research teaching

    • Yu-Wei Chu Economics Ph.D. Candidate Michigan State …

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      Teaching Statement . At Michigan State University, I have gained valuable experience serving as a teaching ... I view teaching as a complement to research that is beneficial to both teachers and students. Teaching without research quickly becomes stereotyped, unexciting — removed ... I have attached my sample syllabus and student evaluation ...

      sample teaching philosophy statement

    • Statement of Research and Teaching Interests

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      Statement of Research Interests Seung Soon Jang, Ph. D. E-mail: jsshys@wag.caltech.edu ... of my research will be to develop reliable thermodynamic and kinetic theories and to establish a ... sample the most probable structure and its dynamics. From these simulations, all the statistical-

      example teaching statement

    • Statement of teaching interests - University of Pittsburgh

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      Statement of teaching interests David Pekker dpekker@caltech.edu Department of Physics, Caltech University, Pasadena, CA 91125, USA For me, teaching is an important component of an academic career. As a physicist I am motivated not only by the \pleasure …

      teaching statement template

    • Research Statement for Lucas Kovar

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      Research Statement for Lucas Kovar 1 Introduction My research interests have revolved around creating realistic animated humans. Animated humans are im-portant toa variety of applications, including: entertainment, where they appear ascharacters in games and

    • Statement of Teaching Interests - Stanford University

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      Statement of Teaching Interests Prasenjit Mitra I have greatly enjoyed the teaching opportunities I have had and look forward to teaching as part of my academic career. I want to teach because I like the opportunity to share my knowledge with my stud ents and love the satisfaction that results from making

    • Melissa M. McDonald - Michigan State University

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      Melissa M. McDonald Teaching Statement Teaching Philosophy I approach teaching with two major goals in mind. The first is to provide students with a rich understanding of psychological concepts. I want students to understand the many implications psychology has for virtually all aspects of life, from child rearing and interpersonal ...


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      CVs, COVER LETTERS, & TEACHING PORTFOLIOS PH.D.s & POST DOCS A division of student affairs ... (teaching emphasis vs. research emphasis). Discuss your dissertation or thesis (or most recent ... Deal with logistics, namely, are you having a reference file sent and a writing sample/chapter of your

    • Appendix H: Writing a Tenure and/or Promotion Statement ...

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      Appendix H: Writing a Tenure and/or Promotion Statement Guidelines Modified from: ... The personal statement allows you to explain the value and impact of your teaching, research/scholarly work and service accomplishments. The candidate’s statement should report on the past accomplishments, present activities, ...

    • TEACHING STATEMENT - Fionntan Roukema Homepage

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      TEACHING STATEMENT FIONNTAN ROUKEMA I have four years university teaching experience in mathematics at the Univer-sities of She eld and Toronto, where I have gained diverse teaching experiences. I have taught students of all types, including mathematicians, social scientists,

    • The Academic Job Search: Preparing Your Job Package

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      Research and/or teaching plan/statement Letters of reference/list of referees Sometimes requested: Representative reprints Transcripts Teaching evaluations, sample syllabi (teaching portfolio) Diversity statement Follow instructions for electronic submission of application materials

    • Research Statement

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      Research Statement M. Nicholas J. Moore 1 Introduction As a modern applied mathematician, my research incorporates a range of subdisciplines, includ-ing PDEs, asymptotic analysis, numerical computation, and rigorous real & complex analysis. I feel equally comfortable drawing ideas and techniques from each of these areas to tackle prob-

    • Andrzej Rajca Statement of Teaching Philosophy

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      Statement of Teaching Philosophy I love my job as a professor of chemistry, a wonderful career that gives me freedom not only to pursue my own research ideas but also to educate young minds. Discovering new science and observing student’s development

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