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    • 12E-1

      (5) Internal Revenue Service Tax Refund Offset Program. (a) Obligors who owe past-due support in Title IV-D cases are subject to offset as authorized in 45 Code of Federal Regulations, Section 303.72. (b) Certification for Offset. The Department shall certify an obligor for offset if the obligor owes past-due support as follows: 1.


    • 19 States Offsetting Social Security - Chicago Tribune

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      states have ended offsets in this period, South Dakota's 2006 repeal remains pending. For states that have changed their Social Security offset rules between 2002 and 20. 11 (21. repeals, (22. if South Dakota is counted), the far right column provides the bill or session law number. Virginia cut its offset to zero in two steps during the period ...

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      Failure to comply with the provisions of this rule chapter will result in a penalty in accordance with Section 351.35(2), F.S., as provided for in applicable federal regulations specified in subsection 14-57.003(1), F.A.C., and incorporated by reference under subsections 14-57.003(3) and (4), F.A.C.


    • Chapter 1

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      Prior to referring the debt to the Treasury Offset Program (see Paragraph 4-2) the debtor has the right to request an administrative review of the debt (see Paragraph 3-7). If a review is conducted, the Administrative Judge’s decision is the final agency decision with respect to the past-due status and enforceability of the debt.

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    • Chapter 2. Automobile and Adaptive Equipment Allowance ...

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      Entitlement to the automobile and adaptive equipment allowance may be based on disability of paired . extremities. under . 38 CFR 3.383. ... If the offset amount exceeds the amount of the automobile or equipment benefits awarded, the excess amount is offset against VA compensation. ... dealer retains the right to take the car back even after ...

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    • Design Guidelines for Traffic Calming Measures

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      Design Guidelines for Traffic Calming Measures. Introduction. The purpose of this guide is to standardize the design procedures of traffic calming measures wherever possible in order to ease the implementation of effective traffic calming strategies in communities throughout North America.


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      Right to Know (RTK) Chemical Labeling: New Jersey manufacturers are required to include material safety labeling on all chemical containers. To obtain containers with New Jersey RTK labeling for products manufactured outside of New Jersey, a bid specification can include a clause requiring New Jersey RTK labeling as a term or condition of your ...

    • Occupational Health and Safety Act - R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 851

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      SAFETY REGULATIONS 4 Notice of Accidents 5 Retention of Reports and Records 6 Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews 7-8 Fees and Forms 9-10 Premises 11-20 Lighting 21 Fire Prevention — Protection 22-23 Machine Guarding 24-44.2 Material Handling 45-67.-71 Maintenance and Repairs 72-78 Protective Equipment 79-86 Molten Material 87-102 Logging 103 ...

    • Part 1 — General Provisions - Veterans Affairs

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      Salary Offset Provisions. Definitions 1.981-1. Form, notice of, and conduct of hearing 1.985-1. Non-waiver of rights 1.993-1. Notice requirements before salary offsets of debts not involving . benefits under laws administered by VA 1.983-1. Procedures for salary offset 1.992-1. Procedures for salary offset: when deductions may begin 1.991-1 ...

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      You further acknowledge and agree that the Funds in the Account(s) shall not be subject to any right of offset or lien for or on account of any indebtedness, obligations or liabilities we may now or in the future have owing to you. ... and the balances maintained therein are in conformity with the Act and CFTC regulations without any further ...