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    • [PDF File]Rome Lesson Plan 4: Mapping an Empire - PBS

      Rome Lesson Plan 4: Mapping an Empire Introduction: In this lesson, students will compare a map of the Roman Empire in 44 BC with one of the Roman Empire in 116 AD. Using these two maps as a reference, students will use critical reading skills to learn about the expansion of the Roman Empire during that time period.

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    • [PDF File]Ancient Greece and Rome Activity 3. Expansion of Ancient ...

      o Compare and contrast the expansion of Alexander the Great’s empire and that of Ancient Rome. o What historical events occurred in each phase - BCE 146, BCE 44, CE 14, CE 69, and CE 117 ? o What were some of the reasons for this expansion? o What factors may have contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire? Additional sources

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    • [PDF File]The Geography of the Great Empires: Holy Roman and Ottoman

      The Geography of the Great Empires: Holy Roman and Ottoman Barbara S. Williams, TC Arizona Geographic Alliance Purpose: The lesson provides a way to lead students to understand a comparison of Holy Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire and to understand their interconnections

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    • [PDF File]PERIODS OF ROMAN EXPANSION - U.S. History Home

      PERIODS OF ROMAN EXPANSION The growth of Rome from a republic to an empire took place over 500 years. The story has four major periods. The First Period of Expansion The first period of expansion, or becoming larger, began in 509 B.C.E.

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    • [PDF File]Roman Expansion -- Map Packet

      ROMAN EXPANSION Look through the different maps to brainstorm and analyze the effects of expansion on the Roman civilization. The maps reflect how Ancient Rome expanded during its existence. As you analyze the maps, keep track of your ideas of how expansion can impact a civilization’s success in your T-Chart.

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    • [PDF File]Roman Empire Map Project

      Roman Empire Map Project ... Use a color or pattern to complete the following on your map: • Expansion of Rome to 500 B.C. • Expansion of Rome to 44 B.C. ... In what ways did the Roman Empire strive to unify the diverse peoples it ruled? C. Why did the Western Roman Empire collapse? Why did the Eastern Roman Empire survive for another

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      Map of Ancient Rome showing its seven hills and the Tiber River. The Alps and the Apennine mountains surrounded and protected Rome The Tiber River and the Mediterranean Sea provided Rome with the opportunity to trade and conquer. THE ROMAN EMPIRE (Adapted from Discovery Techbook) At its height, the Roman Empire was one of largest

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    • [PDF File]Roman Empire 509 b.c. to 14 a.d.

      Roman Empire 509 b.c. to 14 a.d. Roman Expansion Map Instructions Label: Europe Africa Asia Minor ... Nile River Carthage Rome Color all water blue Color the stages of expansion different colors. Complete the key Roman Expansion Map Instructions Label: Europe Africa Asia Minor Carpathian Mts The Alps Egypt Britain Spain Gaul Atlantic Ocean ...

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