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      The following types of school districts in Michigan are counted as separate governments for census purposes: First class school districts General powers school districts Local act school districts Community college districts General powers school districts include all of the former types of school districts except the first class school districts.

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      Michigan Information Center ... June 22, 2000 MICHIGAN SCHOOL DISTRICTS Zone 6 School District County ISD. Title: School District Maps by Zones Author: CGI – Source: Based on 1990 U.S. Census TIGER/Line Files. Subject: ISD and School District Boundary Map - Zone 6 Keywords: ISD, Intermediate School District, County, School District, Boundary Map

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    • Michigan

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      tax for the funding of school districts, townships, villages, cities, and counties of the state . It has been the largest yielding tax of all of Michigan’s state and local taxes, and it has long been a major source of revenue for the financing of the operating expenses of schools . With …

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    • Michigan Intermediate School Districts Map

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      Maps of FY 2006-07 Foundation Allowances by Intermediate School District The following maps illustrate the FY 2006-07 foundation allowance for every school district in Michigan, grouped by Intermediate School District. The districts are colored according to funding level categories. Place the cursor over the school district to see

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    • R13W Ottawa County: School Districts

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      zeeland public schools coopersville public schools grand haven public schools hudsonville public schools west ottawa public schools spring lake public schools

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    • Rural School Organization in Michigan

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      RURAL SCHOOL ORGANIZATION IN MICHIGAN 5 County Agricultural High Schools In addition to the Rural Agricultural School Act, there is an act on the statute books passed in 1907 which permits the establishment of a county agricultural high school, for which a school board is elected by the county and the tax assessed against the county.


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      The organization of Michigan school districts was a public policy issue before Michigan became a state and continues as an issue today. The number of school districts increased through 1912 and then began to decline, but there has been a continuing concern that there were too many school districts and that the number of districts should be reduced.

    • School District Code List (See MI-1040 or ...

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      Michigan public school districts are listed alphabetically with code numbers to the left of the names. When more than one district has the same name, the county or city name in parentheses helps you choose the right district. Residents, choose the code for the district where you lived on December 31, 2018.

    • School District Consolidation Study In 10 Michigan Counties

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      Illinois, New York, and Texas have more school districts than Michigan. Enrollment variance across school districts in Michigan makes “average enrollment” quite misleading. For example, in 2009, the mean enrollment of a school district in Michigan was 2,972, but half of the

    • School District Consolidation Study in 10 Michigan Counties

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      Ninety percent of the school districts in Michigan have fewer than 6,300 students (U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, 2009). These statistics clearly indicate that the majority of school districts in Michigan are relatively small in size while a few districts in large cities and