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    • Me the Show DATA 2017

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      topic in May 2017. States’ latest school-level report cards are stronger because they feature more recent and richer data. Report cards can meet information needs but don’t yet. No state is fully meeting parent and community information needs. But states do have some of the building

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    • Report Card Distribution List

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      Marking Period Dates and Report Card Distribution 2017-2018 Elementary and Middle School Schedule Marking Period/Term Report Cards 1: 8/16 – 10-17 Thursday, October 26, 2017 ... Report Card Distribution List Author: Acors, Amy

      oklahoma schools report

    • Texas Education Agency 2016-17 School Report Card …

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      Texas Education Agency 2016-17 School Report Card HEMPHILL EL (202903101) HEMPHILL ISD State District All Students African American Hispanic White American Indian Asian Pacific Islander Two or More Races Econ Disadv STAARPercent at Approaches Grade Level or Above (Sum of All Grades Tested) All Subjects 2017 75% 73% 72% 43% 59% 77% - 100% - 74% 65%

      maryland report

    • 1 ILLINOIS

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      2016-17 school year, grade 11 students take the SAT as the high school accountability assessment. However, the College Course Work Readiness data point on the Illinos Report Card reports on the graduating class of the reporting year. The data represents the most recent ACT score earned by a 2017 graduate. READY FOR COLLEGE COURSE WORK 50.5

      nations report

    • IS YOUR STATE MAKING THE GRADE? 2017 National …

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      IS YOUR STATE MAKING THE GRADE? 2017 National Report Card on State Efforts to Improve Financial Literacy in High Schools. ... Grade” high school report card in 2013, revise it in 2015, and continue the updates this fall on the ... The Center for Financial Literacy report cards have spurred new focus in the media about the

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    • School Report Cards - core-docs.s3.amazonaws.com

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      student success, the Accountability Report Cards also measure chronic absenteeism and dropout rates. A school or district's Overall Accountability Score places the school/district into one of five Overall Accountability Ratings: For more detailed information about the creation and scoring for the report cards, see the Accountability Resources

    • How do we measure student success beyond the 2017 18 …

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      How do we measure student success beyond the 2017-18 Ohio School Report Cards? Seven years ago, the Akron Public Schools decided to create our own “report card” system so we could accurately and fairly measure student progress. Since Ohio state tests and report …

    • Met Standard .gov

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      2017-18 School Report Card BIG SPRING ISD This page is intentionally blank. For more information about this campus, please see https://TXSchools.gov or the Texas Academic Performance Report …

    • 2019-2020 SECONDARY - Katy ISD

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      SECONDARY Progress Report and Report Card “Go Home” Dates Progress Report Grading Period Go Home Date* Displayed in Home Access Center 1st Friday - September 6, 2019 Wednesday – September 4, 2019 2nd Thursday – October 17, 2019 Tuesday – October 15, 2019 3rd Thursday – December 5, 2019 Tuesday – December 3, 2019


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      Under this new system, accountability determinations areonly made at the school level. Determinations are based on student performance on state assessments and other school quality indicators or measures, such as growth or graduation rate, depending on the grade level. Additionally, per Senate Bill 1 (2017), the new accountability system does

    • School Accountability Report Card School Year 2017-18

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      School Accountability Report Card School Year 2017-18 Alice Fong Yu Alternative School 1541 12TH AV, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94122 Principal: Liana Szeto ... (School Year 2017-18) This table displays the number of students enrolled in each grade level at the school. African American American Indian or Alaska Native Asian

    • September 5, 2018 2017–18 Performance and Growth of …

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      2017–18 Performance and Growth of North Carolina Public Schools . Executive Summary (September 5, 2018) Statistical Summary of Results . This report provides performance and growth data for the 2017–18 school year based on analysis of all end-of-grade (EOG) and end-of-course (EOC) tests, which are aligned to the North

    • 2017­18 Federal Report Card for Texas Public Schools Texas ...

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      2017­18 Federal Report Card for Texas Public Schools C a m p u s N a m e : W O O D R I D G E E L C a m p u s I D : 0 1 5 9 0 11 0 4 ... by grade level and proficiency level for the 2017­18 school year. These results include all students tested, regardless of whether they were in the accountability subset. State District Campus ...

    • Minnesota Report Card User Guide

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      Minnesota Report Card User Guide | Revised February 2019, Version 2 Page 7 of 29 . Option C: Compare school, district and statewide results In a report, view and compare results for up to six schools or districts, or compare up to five schools or districts with statewideresults (choose a combination of results within six, maximum views) .

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