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    • 13. EDUCATION 13.1 Number of Schools, Teachers ... - Sri …

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      Total Number of Schools 10,996 11,021 11,053 11,042 Goverment Schools(a) ... 13.1 Number of Schools, Teachers, Pupils & Pupil Teacher Ratio by Type of Schools, 2015-2018 13. EDUCATION ... Central Bank of Sri Lanka Total Government Expenditure 257.3 266.9 (a) Current 187.6 195.2


    • Bachelor of Technology in Software Technology Multimedia ...

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      May 2016 . 2 Rationale for the Bachelor of ICT Degrees: ... the degree of bachelor of ICT will be great landmark within the TVET in Sri Lanka. This will provide opportunities for the COT’s (Colleges of Technology), NVQ level 6, past graduates who are serving in the industry as ICT professionals ... School leaving certificate b) National ...

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      CURRICULUM IN FINLAND Mr Jorma Kauppinen, Director Finnish National Board of Education Torres Vedras 14 th March 2016 Lisboa 15th March 2016 . For learning and competence Finland at glance Independent since 1917, member of the European Union since 1995 ... • Comprehensive School Reform 1970-1977 and birth of the

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      CURRICULUM VITAE Name : Indira Jinanjalie Mawelle (nee Pragnaratna Atapattu) ... University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, June 2016 Master of Arts Degree in English Language and English Language Teaching (a two-year research degree), Department of ... English Literature Syllabus, National Institute of Education , Sri Lanka, 2007 ...


    • Curriculum Vitae Vision: Personal Data - University of Sri ...

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      Curriculum Vitae Vision: To use my knowledge, skills and competence in theoretical linguistics, language ... Reviewer of the GCE A/L Language Syllabus –National Institute of Education, Sri Lanka. November 2016. ... University Grants Commission, Sri Lanka. June 2016 Written Examination in English to select an English Instructor, University of the

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      and student success in and out of school: Responsibility, Organization, Independent Work, Collaboration, Initiative, and Self-Regulation. LATE SUBMISSIONS: Submitting course work on time is an important aspect of student learning and time management. Students will be informed of the due date for each evaluation at the beginning of a Unit.

    • Information and Communication Technology

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      The Information and Communication Technology sector is acknowledged worldwide as a tool that could be used to increase the productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of work. However, in Sri Lanka, the level of ICT skills of the majority of the students is not adequate to …

    • Information and Communication Technology

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      Information and Communication Technology Syllabus Grade 11 To be implemented from 2016 Department of Information Technology Faculty of Science and Technology National Institute of Edcuation Maharagama Sri Lanka www.nie.lk

    • LL.B Degree Programme Level 06 Academic Year-2016/2017

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      Academic Year 2016/2017 The Department of Legal Studies of the Open University of Sri Lanka welcomes you to the Level 6 of the Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) Degree Programme. LWU4321 /LLU 6713 -Jurisprudence is a compulsory and 8 credit Course and hence must …

    • Primary Educational Activities

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      In 2016, a new Teacher's Instruction Manual for writing characters has been introduced to theGrade 1 teachers of Sri Lankan schools. Even though you live overseas, it is very important toteach the Sri Lankan students of your school according to the new syllabus (download the syllabus).

    • Sri Lanka

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      The 2006-07 Sri Lanka Demographic and Health Survey (SLDHS) was carried out by the Department of Census and Statistics (DCS) for the Health Sector Development Project (HSDP) of the Ministry of

    • University of Colombo

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      As-Siraj Boys School, Murutagamulla . Sri Lanka In this role serves as a teacher for secondary level students and worked as a editor for the school magazine of “As-Siraj.” 3. Lecturer in Arabic Language2003-2004 - (Visiting) Eastern University of Sri Lanka In this role serves as a lecturer in Arabic as foreign a language for

    • University of Colombo School of Computing

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      Y2K Task Force in Sri Lanka 1998-2000. • 1992 - He initiated the participation of Sri Lankan school children in Computer Programming, by committing CINTEC funds for sending teams of 4 to the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI). Through his great foresight, to date, Sri Lanka has been able to secure 3 Gold, 5 Silver and 13 Bronze medals


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      The syllabus also helps students to develop intellectually and seeks to refine their critical thinking skills and judgments through research and the making of art. The knowledge, understanding, skills and values gained from the CSEC Visual Arts Syllabus will assist students