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    • A Christian Physicist Examines the Age of the Earth

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      F.F. Bruce, “Faith vs scientific study of the Bible,” Bible Review 3 (Summer 1987): 4-5. Faith vs. Scientific Study of the Bible F.F. Bruce [p.4] My lifelong interest in the Bible has a very personal basis:* Since I am a Christian (an evangelical Christian at that), I find in the Bible the record of God's redemptive revelation of

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    • Apologetics Press Introductory Christian Evidences ...

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      Jesus Christ is Messiah Scientific Mathematical Proof The following is Chapter 3 from the book, Science Speaks, a Scientific Proof of the Accuracy of Prophecy and the Bible, by Peter W. Stoner, Ph.D., Assisted by Robert C. Newman, Ph.D., Moody Press. Chapter 3 THE CHRIST OF PROPHECY

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    • Bible Studies

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      followed all the Bible secrets for a longer, stronger life — fresh air, exercise, a good diet, and trust in God, just to name a few. Even though healthful living might not eliminate the prospect of death, it can certainly postpone it and greatly improve the quality of the life we do …

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    • Faith vs. Scientific Study of the Bible

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      The Bible is the only book that contains hundreds of accurate examples of predictive prophecy. And only God can tell the future. If the Bible accurately predicts the future (and it does!), its Author must be God. THE SCIENTIFIC . FOREKNOWLEDGE OF THE BIBLE Another interesting proof of the Bible’s inspiration is its unique scientific ...

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    • Jesus Christ is Messiah Scientific Mathematical Proof

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      stories in the Bible, and perhaps the most valuable symbolic way of reading the Bible is to look at everything from a scientific and mathematical perspective. Science and math can not lie and are the most direct proof to show Divine design. This book shows many of the scientific and mathematical blueprints hidden within the Bible.

    • King James Bible

      The Scientific Evidence for Biblical Longevity By: Arnold Mendez Fact or Fantasy The Bible (1) asserts in plain simple language in many places that humans lived for long periods of time. It states that Adam lived to be 930 years old (Genesis 5:5). Others were mentioned as even having lived to a more advanced age. Noah lived to be 950

    • NAS The Scientific Evidence for Biblical Longevity

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      The Bible claimed that there are billions of stars (“host of heaven” is the biblical term for the stars). When it made this statement, no one knew how vast the numbers of stars were as only about 1,100 were observable. Now we know that there are Scientific Facts in the Bible 7 Scientific 4/3/01 10:47 AM Page 7

    • Ray Comfort Scientific Facts in the Bible

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      Bible Studies is the name I have chosen for the following investigations, since all of them are more or less concerned with the historical questions which the Bible, and specially the Greek version, raises for scientific treatment. I am not, of course, of the opinion that there is a special biblical science.

    • [GET]⋙ The Blueprints of God: Science and Math Encoded in ...

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      The Bible agrees with scientific fact, for it says that life came from the eternal, living Creator (cf. Acts 14:15). However, evolution contradicts scientific proof, since it requires that dead matter sometime spontaneously came to life. Which view best fits the evidence? Living …

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      Bible, which is held to be the inerrant, infallible Word of God, cannot be wrong. Therefore, when the Bible and science disagree (or appear to disagree), the latter must be wrong. There is no room for questioning this premise. You must simply choose which side of line you stand on, the Bible or science.