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    • 30 Scranton Office Park Instructions For Choosing Your ...

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      30 Scranton Office Park Scranton, PA 18507-1789 Any benefit that will be payable upon your death will be made to the person(s) named on the attached beneficiary form. Please be careful in completing the form; be sure that your designation is accurate, clear and understandable. A. The terms of the contract govern the payment of any benefit.

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    • 300 Wyoming Avenue Scranton, PA 18503 570-207-2251 …

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      Please submit your completed packet to: Office for Catholic Schools, 300 Wyoming Avenue, Scranton, PA 18503. Applications will be kept on file for a period of two years. Sincerely, Jason W.S. Morrison Diocesan Secretary of Catholic Education/Chief Operating Officer

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    • A valid Pennsylvania driver’s so bring with them a copy of ...

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      -Non-residents shall abide by instructions for residents of PA. In addition, they must possess a valid, unrestricted permit, equivalent to ours, from the state in which they reside (Ex. Cannot be restricted to hunting, fishing and/or target practice) -Non-residents shall also bring with them a copy of their driver’s license and permit (if they do

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      The Diocese of Scranton covers 11 counties in Northeastern and Northcentral Pennsylvania, with schools in Lackawanna, Luzerne, Monroe, Lycoming, and Bradford counties. Diocese of Scranton Office For Catholic Schools

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    • Application for The University of Scranton Specialty ...

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      PA MV-904SP registration form (attached), and both checks to: Office of Alumni Relations The University of Scranton 800 Linden Street Scranton, PA 18510-4624 Questions? Contact the Alumni Office at 1-800-SCRANTON, (570) 941-7660, or alumni@scranton.edu. A RELATIONSHIP TO THE UNIVERSITY Alumni Student Parent Staff Faculty 27.00 27.00.

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    • Closed School Records

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      Scranton, PA 18508 Penn Foster Career School (570) 342-7701 Berean Institute 1901 West Girard Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19130 Pennco Tech ... Philadelphia, PA records by the USDE Office of Inspector . School Name Location of Records. USDE Office of Inspector General or . …

    • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Governor's Office

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      PA Office of Administration, Office of Human Resources Management, Bureau of Employee Benefits and Services, Telephone 717-787-9872 : ... Pittsburgh office buildings, and the Scranton and Reading State Office Buildings may be authorized by their agencies to close such offices in case of hazardous road conditions, emergency circumstances, and ...


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      FINES AND COSTS WARRANT LIST 8/26/2019 Page 3 NAME Last Known Location ST AMOUNT CASE # Broome, Roger Scranton PA $6,903.87 09cr573 Brown, Billy Hollywood SC $8,175.80 07cr2190

    • H105.102 REV 0 Initials: BIRTH Birth Certificate PO M

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      Order from Pa.’s only authorized online provider at www.vitalchek.com or by phone at 866-712-8238 (credit cards accepted). Order in person at a Pennsylvania Vital Records branch office in Erie, Harrisburg, New Castle, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh or Scranton. Delivery ranges from same day to five days based on public office processing time.

    • Lackawanna County Resource Guide

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      Easter Seals Western and Central PA is committed to providing exceptional programs and services for children with disabilities or other special needs. o Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania Government Website Department of Human Services Office of Behavioral Health/Intellectual Disability/Early

    • Office of Child Development and Early Learning Regions

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      Office of Child Development and Early Learning Regions Bureau of Certification ... Scranton State Office Bldg. Scranton, PA 18503 Telephone: (570) 963-4371 Toll Free: (800) 222-2108 ... • Please contact your regional Office of Child Development and Early Learning for more information.

    • Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission Commonwealth ...

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      Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission Commonwealth Keystone Building P.O. Box 3265 Harrisburg, PA 17105-3265 www.puc.pa.gov HARRISBURG DISTRICT OFFICE PA Public Utility Commission P.O. Box 3265 Harrisburg, PA 17105-3265 717-787-7598 SCRANTON DISTRICT OFFICE PA Public Utility Commission Room 320, State Office Building 100 Lackawanna Avenue ...

    • U. S. Railroad Retirement Board

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      Please contact the t office shown above to schedule an distric appointment. We provide service to the following areas on an as-needed basis. Please call the district office for exact times and dates. Allentown, PA. Binghamton, NY. Elmira, NY. Lock Haven, PA. Matamoras, PA. Sayre, PA. Williamsport, PA. The Scranton District Office services the ...


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      United States Probation Office Attention: Office of Human Resources (Job Announcement #2019-02) 235 North Washington Avenue - Room 107 PO Box 191 Scranton, PA 18503 To be assured consideration for this position, all required documents listed below must be included in your application package. You must reference the vacancy announcement