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      Section 10-702 also requires the seller to disclose information about latent defects in the property that the seller has actual knowledge of. The seller must provide this information even if selling the property “as is.” “Latent defects” are defined as: Material defects …

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      CLOSING AFFIDAVIT AND AGREEMENT - SELLER. Each undersigned, being the seller(s) of the property (“Property”) covered by commitment number _____ (“Commitment”) issued by the company shown in the Commitment (“Company”), as agent for the underwriter shown on the Commitment (“Underwriter”), being first duly sworn, deposes, states and warrants, that:

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      Deputy Commissioner for Real Estate. Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance. One Ashburton Place, 15th Floor, Boston, MA 02108 The undersigned party to a real property transaction with a public agency hereby discloses and certifies, under pains and penalties of perjury, the following information as required by law: (1) REAL PROPERTY:

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    • [DOCX File]Form Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement …

      “Permitted Exceptions” means (a) real estate taxes for the year of Closing and thereafter; (b) all applicable zoning and other ordinances, regulations, and laws; and (c) all covenants, easements, conditions, restrictions, and other exceptions disclosed on the Title Commitment and/or Survey, which are not objected to by Buyer, subject to Section 5.3; provided, however, that the obligation ...

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    • [DOC File]Post-Closing Escrow Agreement (Seller-Buyer)

      Seller is selling to Buyer the property located at _____ (“Property”). Escrow Agent has agreed to issue its title insurance policy insuring the Property in accordance with the above-described Commitment. Seller is authorizing Escrow Agent to retain from the Seller’s proceeds from the sale of the Property the sum of $_____ (“Funds ...

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    • [DOC File]Seller Concessions and Verification of Sales

      Sales concessions influence the price paid for real estate. Sales concessions may be in the form of loan discount points, loan origination fees, interest rate buy downs, closing cost assistance, payment of condominium fees, builder incentives, down payment assistance, monetary gifts or personal property given by the seller or any other party ...

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