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      Learning Assistance Center University of Hawaii, Manoa MAIN IDEAS AND SUPPORTING DETAILS DEFINITION OF A PARAGRAPH • A group or specially and intentionally related sentences; a thought unit; sentences that revolve around a single idea and is a …

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    • Vocabulary and Its Importance in Language Learning

      Vocabulary and Its Importance in Language Learning 3 Aspects of Vocabulary Knowledge The concept of a word can be defined in various ways, but three signifi- cant aspects teachers need to be aware of and focus on are form, mean- ing, and use.According to Nation (2001), the form of a word involves its pronunciation (spoken form), spelling (written form), and any word

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    • The Significance and Role of Aesthetic Education in Schooling

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      highlight the significance of aesthetic education in the development of the personality as a whole, to shed light on the aims of aesthetic education, to define the aesthetic dimension of experience and to ascertain the reasons for the neglect of aesthetic education in theory and practice. Keywords

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    • A Study on Street Children in Zimbabwe

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      Regardless of definition, the phenomenon of street children is not new and neither is it restricted to certain geo-graphical areas (Connolly, 1990). The street urchin, the runaway, the street waifs and stray children were part of the “urban landscape” during the process of industrialisation and urbanisation in post-war Europe (Agnelli, op.

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    • The Importance of Communication Skills in Young Children

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      RESEARCHHuman Development Institute • University of Kentucky BRIEF SUMMER 2013 The Importance of Communication Skills in Young Children Caroline Gooden, M.S. Co-Principle Investigator, Kentucky Early Childhood

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    • t-TESTS - Dr. Gabriel L. Schlomer

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      however, it should be noted that t-tests with degrees of freedom in excess of 100 will always be sig-nificant if the value meets or exceeds 1.96. This is a useful tip in understanding the necessary critical value of a t-test for it to reach statistical significance. Summary In this How-To Guide we have described the basics of a t-test.

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    • Statistical versus Practical Significance - The Atrium

      2 If we chose α= 0.05, we are insisting that evidence against H 0 is so strong that it would happen no more than 5% of the time (1 time in 20) when H 0 is true. If we chose α= 0.01, we are demanding even stronger evidence

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    • Historical Significance Traits - Furman University

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      Historical Significance Traits Related to Popular Memory, Nostalgia, and Nationalism (a) Intimate interests: Use of personal, family, religious, cultural, or ancestral connections to the event to ascribe relevance (e.g., I was

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      OF SIGNIFICANCE AND STATEMENT OF NEED 1 Statements of significance and statements of need are two different but important documents which can be extremely useful when planning for the future of your church building. This guidance sheet is intended to help you understand how they can be useful and how to start putting them together.

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    • The Importance of Doing Research (Earnestly!)

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      Why do I have to do research? This is a question that psychology students often pose when considering what courses to take and how to complete the requirements for their undergraduate degree.

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