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    • mental status exam - Columbia University

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      Mental Status Examination I Definitions of Some Mental Status Examination Findings Behavior psychomotor agitation - noticeable and marked increase in body movements; eg hand wringing, pacing psychomotor retardation - significant slowing of speech and body movements, lack of usual

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    • From Government to Governance (Chapter 1)

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      of society. It is a strong entity that recognizes the significance and autonomy of the other sectors without overwhelming them. It works almost in the background, creating an environment that enables and facilitates the market and civil society to make their own creative and …

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    • The Significance of the Baptism of Jesus for His ...

      takably clear that the rite itself was of unique significance to Jesus' conception of his own place in the movement. It is our especial task to determine what that significance was. The two features in the synoptic account of the Baptism of Jesus which are most indicative of its meaning are the descent

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    • The Differences Between 'Create' and 'Make' in Genesis 1

      THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN 'CREATE' AND 'MAKE' IN GENESIS 1 Many people tend to view the verb "to make" as a synonym for the verb "to create". And in our English dictionary definitions these two verbs certainly do overlap to a considerable degree. In the Genesis account both these verbs are used. But while the meanings of the two Hebrew verbs ...

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    • Definition Synonyms Prominent Examples Significance ...

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      Synonyms Simple crater Prominent Examples Craterlets on the floor of the crater Plato (Fig. 1) are among the favorite targets for amateur astronomers testing the resolving power of their telescopes (Knisely 2005). Significance A generic term used chiefly by amateur astronomers to indicate a small crater near the limit of resolution.

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    • TITLE On the Nature of Synonyms: end This Littie Piggie Kay 79

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      significance would be to use the spaces as the unit of analysis. Once each space has been rotated to congruence with each other space, there are N(N-1) values. They are expected to be zero. Then the test for significance will be if the mean this set of values differ significantly from zero. The multidimensional spaces generated by synonyms

    • Ecosystems The Ecological Significance of the Herbaceous ...

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      the recent literature to highlight the ecological significance of the herbaceous layer to the structure and function of forest ecosystems.There is a natural tendency to overemphasize the dominant vegetation of forests—trees—which is under-standable, considering that a forest is delineated from other

    • The Significance of the Four Noble Truths

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      The Significance of the Four Noble Truths by V. F. Gunaratna Buddhist Publication Society Kandy • Sri Lanka The Wheel Publication No. 123 The Thirteenth Lecture under the Dona Alpina Ratnayake trust

    • The Ecological Significance of the Herbaceous Layer in ...

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      the recent literature to highlight the ecological significance of the herbaceous layer to the structure and function offorest ecosystems.There is a natural tendency to overemphasize the dominant vegetation offorestsÑtreesÑwhich is under-standable,considering that a forest is delineated from other

    • PICOT, Problem Statement, Research Question, NOT FOR SALE ...

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      any further, the researcher must determine the significance of the . problem to nursing as well as the feasibility of studying the problem. Significance refers to whether a problem is worth studying. A number of authors agree on the criteria that can be used to determine the significance of a problem to nursing (Burns & Grove, 2011;


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      Synonyms or near synonyms are complex linguistic phenomenon, which express same semantic concept in different contexts and perspectives (Liu 2010). One of its complexities is ... Brown, 1995). In spite of its significance a little attention has been given to the concept (Divjak

    • Significance of Riparian Vegetation to Breeding Birds ...

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      Significance of Riparian Vegetation to Breeding Birds Across an Altitudinal Cline 1 Fritz L. Knopf2 Abstract.--The relative significance of riparian zones to breeding birds was documented at 6 elevations between 1,200 and 2,750 m in the Platte River drainage of the Colorado Front Range. ...

    • Lab Dept: Chemistry Test Name: AST - Children's Minnesota

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      Clinical Significance, Dade Behring Inc., Glasgow Business Community, Mailbox 531, P.O. Box 6101, Newark, Delaware 19714 Jacobs & DeMott Laboratory Test Handbook (2001) Lexi-Comp, Inc, Hudson, OH, 5th Edition Biorad Multiqual Assayed Chemistry Control Product Insert, Bio …

    • A cognitive approach to Gikuyu synonyms

      on synonyms and also on Cognitive Linguistics, theoretical framework, method of data collection and analysis, significance of the study and conclusion. BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY 1.1.1 BACKGROUND TO THE LANGUAGE The language of study is Kikuyu, a Bantu language. It is spoken in Central province in

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