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  • simple past questions activities


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      3)when we are talking about an event that happened at a particular time in the past.-----STRUCTURE-The regular verbs form the “past simple” by adding -ed to the base form of the verb. Verb (base form) + …

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    • Simple Present Routines - Cambridge University Press

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      Simple Present . Routines . Activity type: Student Interview. Level: High ... Students practice asking and answering questions using the simple present. This activity provides an opportunity for speaking and writing, and it encourages students to use correct verb forms in questions and statements. ... these activities on the board. Then ask a ...

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    • Past Simple Negatives & Wh- Questions - YourEnglishSource

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      YourEnglishSource.com Past Simple Negatives & Wh- Questions Past Simple Positive Statements [Subject + Past Simple] [1] I bought a new shirt. [2] He walked to school today.

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      _____ DATE: _____ GRAMMAR WORKSHEET PAST SIMPLE: Irregular I dinner. I eat dinner. You You He He She ate She didn’t It It We We They They Yes, No, I eatDid dinner? I I you you you he he he she did .she didn’t it it it we we we they they they Fill in the blanks below to …

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    • PAST SIMPLE (reg. & irreg. verbs) grammar+ exercises 1º ...

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      Past Simple (regular verbs) ... Write questions about the previous activities and answer them. 1-Did you ... Ask your classmate the questions and compare the answers. Use and or but to join the actions. 1 …


    • The First Time - ESL EFL Teaching Activities Worksheets Games

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      to ask past simple 'Wh' questions and use the past simple tense with time expressions to talk about experiences earlier in life. The questions are designed to jog students’ memories about events in the past so it is more appropriate for older students. Procedure …

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