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  • simple past questions activities

    • Simple Present Routines - Cambridge University Press

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      Simple Present . Routines . Activity type: Student Interview. Level: High ... Students practice asking and answering questions using the simple present. This activity provides an opportunity for speaking and writing, and it encourages students to use correct verb forms in questions and statements. ... these activities on the board. Then ask a ...

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    • How to play the this board game. - ESL Games World

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      Past Simple Q & A Board Game Roll the dice and move your chip according to the number on the dice. The monkey loves you. The croc hates you. Designed by ESL Games World – www.eslgamesworld.com & www.english-4kids.com How to play the this board game.

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      GRAMMAR QUIZ ALL Things Grammar Grammar Focus ‘W/H’ Questions (past simple) Level Intermediate ANSWER KEY My Notes 1. A 2. C 3. C

      simple questions worksheet

    • Simple Past (negative and affirmative)

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      www.english-area.com Los mejores recursos gratuitos para aprender y enseñar inglés 1 Simple Past (negative and affirmative) 1. Write these sentences in the past.


    • Simple Past - English grammar http://first-english.org ...

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      Simple Past – Examples and rules – English tenses Simple Past Examples: Simple Past First I read a book, then I went to bed yesterday evening. Last week I came to a church and then I took the road right. Simple Past describes an action started and finished at a specific time in the past…

      simple activities

    • Past simple questions - LearnEnglish Kids

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      Past simple – questions 1. Match them up! Match the questions and the answers. Did you go to the cinema yesterday? She watched cartoons. Did you have a nice weekend? Yes, I did. The film was great! What did your sister watch on TV last night? Yes, they did. We played games! Did your friends come to your party? He went to the park.

    • Past Simple Questions

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      Past Simple Questions Find your sentence: _____ _____ _____ _____ Who? What? Janet Chris Mary Paul Liz John Susan Victor wrote a letter read a book ate an apple drank some milk drew a house made a model plane took some photos found a toy Where? When? in the garden at school in the park under a tree on a bridge near the lake

    • CONTENTS PAGE 1 - Pasco County Schools

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      VS PAST SIMPLE: How To Teach Past Simple VS Present Perfect 31 PAST SIMPLE: How to Teach Past Simple – Regular/Irregular Verbs 32 PAST SIMPLE: How to Teach the Past Simple Tense – Verb to Be 33 PAST SIMPLE: Where Did He Go? How to Teach Question-Making in Past Tense 34 USED TO & WOULD: How to Teach Used To and Would 35 BE USED TO VS GET

    • 17 Past simple: affirmative, negative, questions and short ...

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      1000+ Activities STAGE 3 17 Past simple: affirmative, negative, questions and short answers (2) Vocabulario clave after school después del colegio cook cocinar dinner cena dog perro drink beber eat comer email correo electrónico England Inglaterra English inglés fish pescado football fútbol

    • Past Tense Activities - Irregular Verbs: Part 2

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      In this lesson students will continue to practice using the past simple tense with some common irregular verbs. IMPORTANT: This lesson should be taught after the Past Tense Activities - Irregular Verbs: Part 1. www.eslkidstuff.com | Lesson Plans for ESL Kids Teachers ... story by asking lots of questions (e.g. about the different objects in the ...

    • Simple Present vs. Simple Past - simoncorn

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      Simple Present vs. Simple Past Short description: The students are supposed to learn about the difference between simple present and simple past. They are on a very basic level of learning English and are introduced to the first form of past tense. The foundation build on is the knowledge about the simple present and present progressive.

    • Past Simple or Past Continuous Worksheet 1 - GrammarBank

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      Past Simple or Past Continuous Worksheet 1 Answers: 1. We were playing volleyball with Mary when you called me. 2. When the teacher came in, they were studying English. 3. The baby was sleeping when the telephone rang. 4. As I was walking in the streets of Holland, I met an old friend of mine. 5. I …

    • Simple Present Tense Simple Present Tense in the Negative

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      Simple Present Tense – Information Questions Use the correct question word (who, what, where, when, why, how many) and the simple present tense to make information questions. The underlined words are the answers to the questions. Ex. Where does he live? He lives in an apartment on Main Street.

    • Verb “To Be” Past Tense – Affirmative and Negative

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      Past Tense – Irregular Verbs – Information Questions Use the correct question word (who, what, where, when, why, how much) to make questions in the simple past tense. The underlined words are the answers to the questions. Ex. She bought the toy at Wal-Mart. Where did she buy the toy? 1. _____ They left the office at 6:00. 2.

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