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      4. B. 2. C. 1. D. 3 7. To use the law of sines, which of the following statements must be true? A. All three side lengths must be known. B. At least one side length and opposite angle pair must be known. C. At least two angles must be known. D. The triangle must be a right triangle. 8. An angle in a right triangle is identified as θ.

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      2. Find. 3. Use the formula A= a b sin for the area of a triangle with sides a and b and included angle to find the area of a regular octagon inscribed in a circle of radius 10. Make a sketch and then solve. 4. Complete Activity 2 on p. 260 on the unit circle provided. SECTION 4-6 The Sine, Cosine, and Tangent Function. Homework: p.269 #1-10 ...

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      1. Find sin 2. Find cos Same as cos . 3. Find sin = 4. Find cos = 5. Find sin = cos = III . Quadrangle Angles. Def: An angle that has its terminal side on one of the coordinate axes. To find these angles , use the chart. Find the sine, cosine for all the quadrangles. Trig values Algebra 3 Assignment # 2…

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      2) If theta is a second quadrant angle and sin = 12/13, find Cos . Solution: Since the angle is in the second quadrant, x must be negative implying Cos must also be negative. Since the sin is 12/13, this means y = 12 and r = 13.

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      vnet: 4 right triangles. Here are four right triangles – with angles A, B, C, and D being 90( – which are similar? The similar triangles are part of a famous set: the 3 – 4 – 5 triangles. The . constant of proportionality, k, is the multiplier used to go from one triangle’s side lengths to a similar triangle…

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      Teaching trigonometry. Anne Watson, University of Oxford. A summary of responses to a questionnaire: 29 responses received. These are in no way representative of practice in Oxfordshire, because the replies came in clusters of between 1 and 5 from a wide range of …

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      The most widely known right triangle is perhaps the “3-4-5” triangle shown below. where we note that . 32 + 42 = 9 + 16 = 25 = 52. Other right triangles with integer sides are . 5-12-13. and . 20-21-29. The reader should check that the two sets of numbers really do satisfy the Pythagorean Theorem. Skill: Completing the Triangle

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      1. 2. 3. Inverse Functions. In addition to using trig functions to help us find sides of a triangle, we can also use them to help us find angles. The method is almost the same but requires and extra step. Take a look at the following triangle: There are a few things you should notice.

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      4. Evaluate EXACTLY a) cos(-13π/6) b) tan(2π/3) c) sin(31π/4) d) csc(-5π/6) e) cot(5π/3) 5 Find the reference angle for a) 4π/7 b) -3π/4 c) -15 d) 260º e) 5 f) 53π/6 . 6. Given (x, y) is on the unit circle in Quadrant II and y = 1/3. Find a) x b) cot (π/2-θ) c)sec θ. 7. Given (2, -5) is …

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