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    • Supporting Turn-Taking in AAC: Instruction for SLPs ...

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      Supporting Turn-Taking in AAC: Instruction for SLPs, Parents, & Peers Jennifer Kent-Walsh Ph.D., CCC-SLP, S-LP(C) University of Central Florida, USA ... •Wh- questions •Agents •Actions •Descriptors •Objects ... –Peer/SLP Graduate Clinician/Caregiver plays the child • Demonstrate at least 10 pages

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    • leaf knife roof scarf beef off enough giraffe elf chef ...

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      leaf knife roof scarf beef off enough giraffe elf chef wolf puff laugh cough wife half handkerchief tough "woof" cuff /f/ final words Created by Heidi Hanks, M.S.CCC ...

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    • Inference Activities - Speech-Language Resources

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      Inference Activities by David Newman BAppSc (Speech-Language Pathology) Thank you for taking the time to look at the Inference Activities program. All of the activities have been tested on many of my students over a long period of time. The questions and activities in the program have been designed to be as user friendly.


    • Jordan School District Student Learning Objective (SLO ...

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      Students will achieve (1-25%) growth to increase comprehension and response to wh questions when read a text presented at current reading level.!! II. Teacher SLO Implementation Plan – Formative, Monitoring! A.! Strategies For Attaining SLOs! Briefly identify the recommended instructional strategies, artifacts and evidence to be collected

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      • Answer WH questions about characters, setting, problem and resolution. • Answer specific story questions to support reading comprehension 2. Reading activities • Read the story with or without assistance (Reading Accuracy is a good indicator of story compatibility*) • Use a reading helper to help with eye tracking


    • CTICE GUIDE for ” SOUND - Speech Therapy Solutions

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      CTICE GUIDE for ” SOUND . www.speechbuddy.com | 2 Thank you for using Speech Buddies practice guides! You will find them extremely helpful for all types of ... perfect Speech Language Pathologist for your child. Simply search for a therapist, send a message, and you will get a quick response from a speech expert in your local area.

    • providing quality continuing For Early ... - Online SLP CEUs

      is a Speech-Language Pathologist with 20 years experience working with children with challenging behaviors. Tamara’s commitment to the children ... respond to and discriminate WH questions will be explored and demonstrated via video clips. Several research-proven methods for

    • Wh- Questions: Sequence of Development

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      Wh- Questions: Sequence of Development Stage 1 • Inversion not possible since auxiliary verbs not yet acquired. • First words are what and where, followed by who, how , and why. When, which, and whose are rela tively late acquisitions. Where that? What me think? Why you smiling? Why not me drink it? Stage 2

    • Narrative Story Retell Reference Database - Salt Software

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      Narrative Story Retell Reference Database . Database Context (Subgroup) Age Range Grade in School # Samples Location ... Using overly-specific questions or providing too much information to the student ... encourage the student to try or they let the student know it is ok to move on if needed. Avoid asking the “wh” questions, who?, what ...

    • The Child Interview. Practice Guidelines

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      The Child Interview. Practice Guidelines 1. Rapport building and developmental assessment Setting q The place of interview should by a neutral place, quiet and secure, there should not be too many toys in the room, this distracts the child. It is useful to keep the paper and crayons ready.

    • Writing Measurable IEP Goals

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      Student will ask appropriate “wh-”questions (who, what, when, and where) after reading a passage with 100% accuracy. Baseline: Two out of four questions correctly. NOT MEASURABLE After reading a passage, Student will ask 4 related “wh-” questions (one of each--who, what, when, where) as measured by teacher data sheet.

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