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      I am/We are applying for Supplemental Security Income and any federally administered state supplementation under Title XVI of the Social Security Act, for benefits under the other programs administered by the Social Security Administration, and where applicable, for medical assistance under Title XIX of the Social Security Act.

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    • Employer Filed (Partial) Claims Filing Instructions

      • Unemployment benefits are paid on a weekly basis. Effective week ending 3/29/20, all weekly earnings over $300.00 are deducted dollar for dollar from the benefit payment. • They can check the status of their claim by selecting Check My UI Claim Status on the GDOL website.

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    • How to check your application status

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      Social Security account. 1 Sign in to or Create a my Social Security account. 2 On the My Home page scroll down to the Your Benefit Applications section and select View Details under the More Info heading. 3 View your application status in the Current Status section. Check the status of your Social Security application online today! Social ...

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    • Payments Deposited into Bank Accounts After Beneficiaries ...

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      Payments Deposited into Bank Accounts After Beneficiaries Are Deceased (A-02-13-13052) The attached final report presents the results of our audit. Our objective was to determine the effectiveness of the Social Security Administration’s procedures for recovering payments

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    • Recovering Title II Overpayments Made to Childhood ...

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      of future Social Security benefits. ... Recovering Title II Overpayments Made to Childhood Beneficiaries (A-04-16-50110) 3 . date of entitlement to benefits, receipt of a duplicate payment, and benefits not payable because the numberholder was receiving a separate payment (such as excess benefits paid

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    • Social Security Number Codes / U.S. Department ...

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      Social Security Number Codes As of 02/11/2009 Page 1 The codes following a Social Security number indicate the type of benefits you are entitled to. The Social Security number followed by one of these codes is often referred to as a claim number and they are only assigned once you apply for benefits.

    • Social Security Planning Checklist - Edward Jones

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      Social Security. Spouse. You may be eligible for certain benefits depending on your marital status. If you take . S. benefits early and receive a permanent reduction, the survivor benefit also will be permanently reduced. In fact, claiming Social Security later could be one way to provide for the surviving spouse. Please indicate your marital ...

    • State of Illinois Department of Employment Security

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      7 • Has your dependency status changed during this certification period? • Were you able and available to work each week? • Did you actively look for work for the week of Sunday [week 1 beginning date] through Saturday [week 2 ending date]? • Are you receiving or have you applied for Social Security benefits?

    • Understanding the Benefits - Social Security Administration

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      Social Security helps older Americans, workers who become disabled, and families in which a spouse or parent dies. As of June 2019, about 177 million people worked and paid Social Security taxes and about 64 million people received monthly Social Security benefits.

    • What You Can Do Online

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      What You Can Do Online. www.socialsecurity.gov. APPLY FOR BENEFITS