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    • [DOC File]US/Mexico Border Crossing Cards (BCCs):

      See an interesting New York Times (March 21, 2002 ) article by Jennifer 8. Lee, “Finding Pay Dirt in Scannable Driver’s Licenses,” that describes how bars in Boston are buying $2,500 Intelli-Check systems – presumably like the ones that INS doesn’t have – and using them to make sure that patrons are over 21, and then also using the ...

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    • [DOC File]The Rights of - Government of New York

      The New York State Office of Victim Services may be able to reimburse you for your direct out-of-pocket expenses caused by the crime. These expenses may include the repair or replacement of essential personal property, loss of earnings or support, medical bills, including the cost of counseling, vocational rehabilitation, crime scene cleanup or ...

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    • [DOC File]sovintro .edu

      In similar conflict with the above cases, the Southern District of New York held that creating a commercial and interactive (though not yet operational at the time of litigation) website that was available to, and used by, New York residents was not in itself enough contact to subject a publisher to New York jurisdiction in Hearst Corp. v ...

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      2. When new or additional information is discovered, immediately update the Diligent Search screen in Unity and inform the caseworker, Paralegal or Diligent Search Specialist of the new findings. 3. When the caseworker cannot locate any information, a Diligent Search is necessary.

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    • [DOCX File]Introduction

      American Broadcasting Company Inc., et. al. v. Aereo, 12 Civ. 1543, in United States District Court in the Southern District of New York. Submitted testimony on December 20, 2013 on behalf of Aereo. Attorney: Fish and Richardson (David Hosp).

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