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    • Crowd Dynamics: Conflicts ...

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      Wikipedia (Menking and Erickson 2015; Ortega et al. 2008), and Twitter (Duggan ... (CSCW) (2019) 28:791–794© Springer Nature B.V. 2018. dynamics within the more fluid work relations in crowd work and on the typologies ofparticipation indicating levelsofpower and agencyinthe context of crowd work.

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    • Inner Ear Gene Therapy Recent Advances & Clinical Perspectives

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      - Reprinted by permission from Springer Nature. Kilpatrick et al. Adeno-associated virus-mediated gene delivery into the scala media of the normal and deafened adult mouse ear.

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    • Nature Journal Impact Factor

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      Download File PDF Nature Journal Impact Factor Nature Journal Impact Factor How to get a paper published in a high impact journal? Clare Llewellyn (UK) Understanding the impact factor The video explains the journal impact

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    • PUBLISHING Open access — the movie

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      and Springer Nature make from the public purse. The film makes a convincing case that the paywall system creates problems — and that universal open access (OA) to schol - arly articles would be better for society. But it fails to adequately explore the thorny challenges that arise with OA publishing. These include the fact that the publishers

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      Mass Shootings In a similar manner to gang violence, mass-killings (≥ 3 deaths per event) comprise a relativelysmall number of events (6.3%, 24 events) in contrast to what may be suspected from press reports. In fact, the vast majority of events (> 85%) have one death or less—resulting in anaverage of 1 death per event across the entire dataset (Supplementary Figure 3).

    • Something for my Critics - Miles Mathis

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      Something for my Critics by Miles Mathis November 2017, updated July 2018 In just eight months many of these papers climbed considerably, including Cause of the Solar Cycles, which moved up from 5th to 1st, Hollow Neon Atoms, which moved up from 6th to 1st; Saturn Anomaly, which moved up

    • Svein Linge - Springer

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      This Springer imprint is published by the registered company Springer Nature Switzerland AG. The registered company address is: Gewerbestrasse 11, 6330 Cham, Switzerland To My Family

    • The Responsibilities of Engineers - University Of Illinois

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      Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht 2013 Abstract Knowledge of the responsibilities of engineers is the foundation for answering ethical questions about the work of engineers. This paper defines the responsibilities of engineers by considering what constitutes the nature of engi-neering as a particular form of activity.

    • Webquest: Shakespeare - Onestopenglish

      statements are true or false, then visit en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Romeo_and_Juliet to check their answers and correct the false statements. The statements have been divided into two sections. Key: Introduction 1. F – The plot is based on an Italian tale.; 2. T; 3. F – It is believed to have been written between 1591 and 1595. Synopsis 4.