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    • St. Ann, Missouri

      ST. Judicial Circuit Presiding Judge, Hon. Michael Burton, has issued Administrative Orders limiting all public access to municipal court building in St. Louis County 21st Judicial Circuit; Whereas, the Missouri Supreme Court has issued “Operational Directives for Easing COVID-19 Restrictions on In-Person Proceedings”, effective May 16, 2020;


    • Child Support - East Missouri Action Agency

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      Circuit Clerk & Recorder of Deeds – 546-2811. County Assessor – 546-7319. County Circuit Clerk – 546-2511. County Clerk – 546-2912. County Collector – 546-2911. County Commission – 546-2140. Iron Co. Juvenile Office – 546-7207. ... St. Louis, MO. 314-432-3600. Washington County Memorial Hospital. Hwy 8 & 21. Potosi, MO. 438-5451 ...

      county office


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      _____, in the City of St. Louis, State of Missouri. Address City State Zip. died on the day of , ; that the entire estate, less liens, debts and encumbrances, does . not exceed $40,000.00; that no application for letters testamentary or letters of administration or for refusal of letters is pending or has been granted; that all unpaid debts ...

      county circuit

    • No - St. Louis County

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      Meetings are held at the St. Louis County Library Headquarters, 1640 South Lindbergh, St. Louis, MO, 63131 at 4:00 p.m. Call 314-726-2606, EXT. 118 for updates.” The Board description states: “Meetings: Held the second Monday of each month, except in August and September, when there are no meetings.”

      county probate

    • C:SCSC83745.rtf

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      The circuit judge reasoned that the passage of nine years since the shooting in May 1992 allowed a fair trial in St. Louis County. "The voir dire testimony revealed that this lapse in time had a profound effect on the community and, more important, on the jury in softening and effacing opinion."


    • Title 12--DEPARTMENT OF

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      Board of Equalization of St. Louis County, 586 SW2d 338 (Mo. banc 1979). Property owner on appeal to the board of equalization received a reduction in assessment. City attempted to appeal to the State Tax Commission and sought circuit court appeal from the board's reassessment and from State Tax Commission's refusal to accept appeal of board ...

    • 22nd Circuit Court, St. Louis, Missouri

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      The Circuit Clerk is appointed as Violations Clerk. 67.13.3 Offenses and Penalties. The traffic cases under the authority of the Violations Clerk and the amount of fines to be imposed shall be established by order of the Court from time to time. Said order shall be posted by the Clerk and transmitted to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

    • Statewide NOA - Missouri

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      Clipz Clerk – Clipz Clerk works similar to an email program. ... Festus MO Jefferson 16031 Mercer County Mirror Mercer MO Mercer 1430 Mexico Ledger Mexico MO Audrain 8490 Mid County Journal St. Louis MO St. Louis 11507 Midwest Traveler St. Louis MO St. Louis 420000 Milan Standard Milan MO Sullivan 3895 Missouri Historical Society Magazine St ...

    • Satisfaction of Judgment - 7th Judicial Circuit Court of ...

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      IN THE 7TH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT COURT, CLAY COUNTY, MISSOURI. Judge or Division: Case Number: (Date File Stamp) Petitioner(s): vs. Respondent(s): Satisfaction of Judgment The acknowledges that judgment has been satisfied in full. Date Signature. Print Name. State of (SS) County of

    • 77-year-old fights her way to Missouri Supreme Court

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      Jake Wagman ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH . St. Louis Post-Dispatch (MO) September 29, 2006 . Section: News Edition: Third Edition . Page A1 OPAL HENDERSON. Her family has operated a salvage yard just south of downtown for more than 50 years. Its proximity to Busch Stadium makes it prime real estate. THE DEVELOPERS

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