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    • ANUARY - The Coupon Project

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      and watch Fred Meyer if you’re local!), Satsuma oranges, cough/cold remedies, right after Christmas watch for clearance sales and deals on organizational items, crackers and cookies, soda 2-liter, egg nog (price seems to drop as month draws to an end), food storage Brands/Promos to watch: Chex (best month to buy), Vicks, Pepperidge Farm, Nabisco,


    • Diet Coke/McD’s Caramel Frappe Biggby Panera Kohl’s

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      Rebecca Sullivan Athletic Director 12-10 Tea Chocolate Kohls None family activities for us to participate in None Sandy Jusino Preschool/Pre-K 1-25 Bai bubbles, Starbucks Frappucini mocha sea salt almonds, pita chips, nutella & breadsticks Marshalls, Michaels, Meijer, n/a n/a none

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      time or drop in to the school. With HSS pride, ... while she searches for a Starbucks to charge her phone. May 20, 2014 ~ 7 pm ~$2.50 per admission ... cough, runny nose, red eyes, followed by a rash (typically beginning behind the ears) the message to them is: STAY AT HOME.

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    • It’s the View Ridge PTA

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      It’s the View Ridge PTA . . . A NOTE FROM OUR CO -PRESIDENTS cafeteria. September 3, 2014. Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year! For those families who will walk the halls of View Ridge Elementary for the first time, we welcome you and look forward to getting to know you and your child(ren) and sharing our wonderful school with you.

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      Riverbend Dance Academy is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Dancers are banned from using/bringing cell phones to class, if dancers must bring their phones with them they will have to give them to their teacher until the end of class. EVERYONE …


    • To see your work .com

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      VOL. 1, ISSUE 7 •JULY 2018 First Things 2 Masthead 4 Contributors Fiction 20 JACK by Angela Hanna Goulene 24 THE LAST MONTREAL ROAD TRIP WITH MY BEAU by Oliver Lim 6 GRAY JELLO by Marija Lukic 10 CHAMBRES À LOUER by Steven Mayo 14 HOW TO OVERCOME CRIPPLING SOCIAL ANXIETY by George Wu Teng Poetry 8 DEEP / CASTAWAY / EARTHWORMS by Robert Berry 13 A …

    • life @1st Church - 905 Glendale Avenue, South Charleston

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      Summertime can get to be a little too laid back for me. The heat and the summer suspen-sions of programs and activities can cause one to complain of being a little bored.