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      starbucks coffee


      be aware that while we offer menu items that are free of most common food allergens, all ... Starbucks® Coffee Frappuccino® Blended Beverage $4.95 ... Signature Hot Coffee $2.79 Ghirardelli Hot Cocoa $3.99 Cinnamon Roll Hot Cocoa $3.99 2% Milk $299 2 March-December


    • Coffee & Beverages

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      coffee beverages coffee hot chocolate click “coffee” to view other options french press chai hot tea iced tea white rhino london fog lemonade arnold palmer chocolate milk milk (whole/skim/2%) italian soda the 318 cafÉ au lait iced toddy iced lightning iced thunder latte eastside latte mocha white mocha the noble americano cappuccino ...

      starbucks coffee flavors

    • STARBUCKS with The personal size is 7” round & the COFFEE ...

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      STARBUCKS™ COFFEE & ESPRESSO HOT DRINKSThe personal size is 7” round & the Tall Grande Venti ... The chicken breast is dipped in hot sauce w/bleu cheese on the side Hot Dog Small 2.00 Large 3.00 ... KIDS’ MENU w/ side salad, onion rings, or french fries & a small drink 4oz burger, ...

      starbucks coffee


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      STARBUCKS MENU ESPRESSO DRINKS ... Coffee of the Day $1.65 $1.85 $1.95 Decaf of the Day $1.65 $1.85 $1.95 COFFEE ALTERNATIVES TALL GRANDE VENTI Tazo Hot TeaTM $1.45 $1.85 $1.95 Tazo ® Chai $3.10 $3.65 $3.95 Hot Chocolate ...

    • Kosher Certification cRc Guide to Starbucks Beverages

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      cRc Guide to Starbucks Beverages Rabbi Sholem Fishbane, Kashrus Administrator, Chicago Rabbinic al Council ... and serve a full menu of items. Of particular concern is that they (almost) always sell hot, non-kosher sandwiches, and clean their dishes in a sink ... The water used for that coffee will usually be carried from the hot-water spigot ...

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