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    • Our pastries off right with are always made are prepared ...

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      Hot Chocolate Steeped Tea Specialty Tea Soft Drinks (small & large bottles) Juices (apple or orange) Real Brewed Iced Tea (bottled) Milk Bottled Water *Selections may vary by Restaurant and are subject to change without notice. MAY 2014. Title: Take Tims 3_Fold Brochure_11x8.5_EN-May 2014


    • The information below was last updated on 08-15-2019 ...

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      Nutrition Guide The information below was last updated on 08-15-2019 . Information can change frequently, so check www.DunkinDonuts.com for the most current information.


    • ke V R - Embassy Suites

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      ke V R e uotation herein is subect to a proportionate price increased cost of food, beverage, labor, etc. uotation cannot be guaranteed until 0 days prior to the time that the particular function takes place. ricing does not include 3 service

      starbucks teavana

    • PowerPoint Presentation

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      Freshly Brewed Starbucks Coffee, Decaffeinated Starbucks Coffee or Hot Teas ( Tazo) $65.00 . ... *** Price per gallon, (3) Gallon Minimum Required. ... Decaffeinated Coffee and Hot Tea . ENGLISH MUFFIN BREAKFAST SANDWICH . with Scrambled Eggs, Pork Sausage and Cheddar Cheese $6.75.


    • Catering

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      Gourmet Dessert Bars Starbucks Coffee 3.50 Ice Cream Novelties Starbucks Decaf Coffee 1.50 Deluxe Ice Cream Novelties Hot Tazo Tea 3.00 Ice Cream Sundae Bar Hot cocoa 4.50 Fresh Baked Pie Hot Spiced Cider 3.50 House Made Fruit Cobbler Aqua Fresca w/ vanilla whipped Cream watermelon, citrus, or cucumber melon3.00

      starbucks selection

    • Hilton Garden Inn Holiday Menus

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      Freshly Brewed Starbucks® Coffee and Hot Tea . $46.95 . All prices are per person and are subject to change. A 20% service charge and current sales tax will be …


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      Freshly Brewed Starbucks® Coffee Decaf Starbucks® Via (Brewed Decaf upon request) Assorted Hot Tea Plain Creamer, Pure Cane Sugar, Raw Sugar, Equal, Stevia, Stir Sticks, Cups, Sleeves, Lids, and Cocktail Napkins Add Hot Chocolate Packets or Hot Cider Packets +$0.50/each Add Iced Tea +$1.00/person PARFAIT YOUR WAY $5.50/person Greek Yogurt (gf ...

    • AFTERNOON BREAK MENU Afternoon Break Packages

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      AFTERNOON BREAK MENU Afternoon Break Packages Serves a minimum of six guests Prices shown are per guest The Basics Freshly Brewed Starbucks Coffee Service, Assorted Tazo Teas, Soft Drinks and Freshly Baked Assorted Cookies $10 Out of the Ball Park Individual Bags of Dry Roasted Peanuts, Cracker Jacks, Popcorn and Jumbo Pretzels with Mustard,

    • Home Breakfast Breaks Lunch Dinner Reception Beverages ...

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      Prices are per person. A customary 22% taxable service charge and sales tax will be added to price. CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST $18 seasonal whole fruit assorted croissants, pastries, and muffins butter and fruit preserve orange, cranberry, and apple juices starbucks® coffee, decaffeinated coffee, hot tazo® teas


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      Lunch includes Iced Tea Only & Dinner Includes Starbucks Coffee and Tazo Hot Teas Only *Select a Maximum of Two Entrees, the Higher Price for Both Entrees BEEF Choice of Sauce, Select One Only: *Green Peppercorn Demi, *Mushroom Cognac Sauce or *Danish Bleu Cheese Demi Reduction GRILLED SLICED BISTRO NEW YORK SIRLOIN $ 32 $

    • CATERING MENU -east-1.amazonaws.com

      orange juice, coffee and a selection of hot tea $14 per person • Starbucks® upgrade $16.50 per person PREMIUM CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST Assorted breakfast baked goods, seasonal fruits and berries served with orange juice, coffee and a selection of hot tea $17 per person • Starbucks® upgrade $19.50 per person ADDITIONS Add these selections to ...


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      regular hot chocolate 16 oz large hot chocolate 20 oz regular hot tea 16 oz large hot tea 20 oz apple juice (pepsi) Ice Ted Med 16 oz ice tea large 20 oz chai tea med 16 oz chai tea large 20 oz Sweets cookie muffin coffee cake cinnamon twist cin twist poppes cookie poppers einstein_bros_menu.xlsx

    • CATERING MENU 7.com

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      STARBUCKS COFFEE 1.5 Gallon, Serves 32 STARBUCKS COFFEE One Air Pot, Serves 16 STARBUCKS COFFEE and ASSORTED TEAS Regular & decaf coffee, price per person STARBUCKS TAZO ICED TEA Serves 20 HOT TEA Per Bag $50 COFFEE & TEA COLD BEVERAGES $30 $3.50 $20 $1.50 $2.75 $12 $3.25 $12 $18 $20 $50 All prices subject to service charges.

    • Lunch - Buffet Lunch Menu 2011 - WCG Hotels

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      Buffet Lunch Menu (continued) All lunches will be served by 2:00 p.m. Groups with less than minimum will be charged $10 per person under the minimum. All buffet lunches are served with Starbucks Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee and Tazo Hot Tea. Snoqualmie Lunch Buffet (minimum of 25) Seasonal Green Salad with two Dressings Fresh Fruit Display

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