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      Sheffield, Alabama 35660 Tele # 256-284-5044 Public schools regulated by the Alabama Department of Education: Gadsden State Community College Ayers Campus Cosmetology Dept. 1801 Coleman Rd. Anniston, AL 36207 Tele # 256-835-5412 Website: www.gadsdenstate.edu Lawson State Community College Cosmetology Dept. 3060 Wilson Rd. SW

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    • Alabama State Department of Education Educator ...

      Alabama State Department of Education Educator Certification Section 1 November 2015 (2) In addition to the requirements listed for each certification approach all applicants must also complete the background clearance process, verify their citizenship or national status, and …

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    • Alabama State Department of Education

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      Alabama State Department of Education Revised 09/11/07 SCHOOL MEDICATION PRESCRIBER/PARENT AUTHORIZATION STUDENT INFORMATION Student’s Name _____Date of …

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    • State of Alabama Department of Child Abuse

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      Longtime Alabama educator arrested for sex with student, child porn possession Alabama had a higher rate of incidents of school employees sexually assaulting students than any other state in the nation according to a study compiled by a former U.S. department of education staffer

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      State Superintendent of Education Alabama State Board of Education Governor Kay Ivey President Jackie Zeigler District I State Superintendent of Betty Peters District II Stephanie Bell For Alabama’s students, the months away from school can result in a large loss of knowledge District III Yvette M. Richardson, Ed.D. District IV Vice President

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      INSTRUCTIONS FOR ALABAMA STATE BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT CLAIM FOR PROPERTY DAMAGE . www.bdadj.alabama.gov . NOTE: Claims must be presented to the Alabama State Board of Adjustment within one year after the date of the property damageEach question must be answered. . If all questions are not answered, the claim will not be accepted.


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      accordance with the rules and laws governing employment with the State of Alabama (State) and its agencies. The Department reserves the right to change policies and rules based on Department needs and other requirements. As policies are written, changed, or updated, they take precedence over any conflicting information found in this Handbook.

    • Real Estate Lease Submittal Procedures & Policies - Alabama

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      Aug 01, 2014 · Dept. of Finance, Office of Space Management August 1, 2014 Real Estate Lease Submittal Procedures & Policies Page 1 of 24 CHAPTER 1 DEFINITIONS As used in these Procedures and Policies the following words shall have the following meanings: 1. Agency. A Sate department, agency or its subdivision that is or will be the tenant in a lease. 2.

    • Ed Richardson State Superintendent of Education …

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      In the state of Alabama, the authority and responsibility for general control and supervision of public education is given by statute to the State Board of Education through its executive officer, the State Superintendent of Education. The State Board of Education is dedicated to …

    • State of Connecticut Department of Education Health ...

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      State of Connecticut Department of Education Health Assessment Record To Parent or Guardian: In order to provide the best educational experience, school personnel must understand your child’s health needs. This form requests information from you (Part I) which will …

    • Migrant Children in Alabama. A Survey to Identify Children ...

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      TITLE Migrant Children in Alabama. A Survey to Identify. Children of Migrant Workers and Certain Former Migrant Workers in Alabama. INSTITUTION. Alabama Univ., Tuscaloosa. Coll. of Education. SPONS AGENCY. Alabama State Dept. of Education, Montgomery. PUB DATE Aug 69. NOTE 198p. EDRS PRICE DESCRIPTORS. IDENTIFIERS. ABSTRACT. EDRS Price MF-$1.00 ...


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      R7077 Dept of Defense Dependent Schs R1549 NASP Natl Assoc Sch Psychologists ALABAMA R7020 Alabama Dept of Education RA1003 Alabama A & M U RA1006 Alabama State U RA1024 Athens State U RA1005 Auburn U-Auburn RA1036 Auburn U-Montgomery RA1064 Birmingham Southern Coll RA1075 Concordia Coll RA1068 Faulkner U RA1303 Huntingdon Coll

    • Alabama Department of Public Health

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      The Alabama Department of Public Health extended its work with afterschool programs across the state by offering CATCH Kids Club and parent programs to augment nutrition and physical activity information. Alabama Department of Public Health described its partnership with the state education department as one of its strongest successes.

    • ENGLISH LEARNER TOOL KIT - US Department of Education

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      In this context, the Office of English Language Acquisition (OELA) at the U.S. Department of Education (the Department) is pleased to provide the . English Learner (EL) Tool Kit, a companion to the OCR’s and DOJ’s “Dear Colleague Letter” (DCL). The tool kit is designed to help state and local education agencies (SEAs and LEAs) in meeting

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