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    • Best Practices for Inventory Control Using Dynamics GP

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      • Stock count processing contains information about entering the results of a stock count, working with default variance transactions, and generating the stock count accuracy report. Information about using the report also is included. • Head Ach Difficult lookup capabilities.


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      CRSP/COmPUSTAT mERgED DATABASE gUIDE • PAgE 5 ChAPTER 1: DATA DEFINITIONS This section describes the CRSP Link and Compustat variables and structures supported by the CRSP/Compustat

    • Excel. Use the function =BDS(“ticker

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      Excel. Use the function =BDS(“ticker of a current contract”, “FUT_CHAIN”, “INCLUDE_EXPIRED_CONTRACTS=Y”) - this will give a list of the current and the expired contracts available in Bloomberg, starting with the oldest future. 2. In most cases. you don’t need data for all expired futures. To be able to make the selection,

    • Financial Modeling Using Excel and VBA

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      Lookup and Reference Functions 101 Date and Time Functions 107 Text Functions 110 Information Functions 112 The Analysis ToolPak 113 Part Two: Financial Modeling Using Excel CHAPTER 5 How to Build Good Excel Models 119 Attributes of Good Excel Models 119 Documenting Excel Models 122 Debugging Excel Models 124 Using Formula Auditing Tools for Debugging 127 Learning Modeling …

    • I/B/E/S SUMMARY HISTORY - Kent State University Libraries

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      I/B/E/S SUMMARY HISTORY – USER GUIDE Page 7 of 54 Capitalization Differences and Accounting Changes When a stock split occurs, Thomson Reuters immediately adjusts all current as well as historical estimates and actuals for consistency in reflecting the current capitalization. Thomson Reuters market

    • If you originally received GMH stock as a dividend from General …

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      If you originally received GMH stock as a dividend from General Motors in 1985, there are 6 steps below to calculate your cost basis in your AT&T shares as well as other stock received as part of prior corporate actions. GMH stock came into being when on November 4, 1985, the GM Board of Directors declared a

    • Kaydon Corporation (KDN) 40 - NYU

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      Dow 1.10% Nasdaq 1.42% Thursday, March 6, 2008, 1:59PM ET - U.S. Markets close in 2 hours and 1 minute. Finance Search Kaydon Corporation (KDN) At 1:36PM ET: 40.91 1.29 (3.06%) Profile Get Profile for: GO Kaydon Corporation 315 East Eisenhower Parkway Suite 300 Ann Arbor, MI 48108

    • OVERVIEW OF THE COLLECTION Title: Wurlitzer Company Records

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      Abstract: The collection documents the history and development of the Wurlitzer Company and consists of company publications, business records, employee files, manufacturing records, sales and marketing records, product information, publicity, advertising, photographs, audiovisual materials, and organ installation drawings.

    • Oracle® Retail Store Inventory Management

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      Tickets and labels can be printed based on price changes, purchase orders, and stock-on-hand positions. Emergency price changes can be requested by SIM; these are validated by the Oracle Retail Price Management (RPM) application before they are activated. Item, supplier, container, and customer or der lookups are available. Each lookup

    • Submitting Your Quote The Contracting Process and DIBBS (DLA …

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      • Enter price and delivery days by line item. • If quantity quoted not in accordance with RFQ, bid type must be “Bid with Exception” or “Alternate Bid.” • If price/delivery do not vary by line, use the "cascade fill" to enter first line unit price and delivery values and “cascade” for all line items.