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      USING THE SCHOOL REPORT CARD Each Fall, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) issues Accountability Report Cards for schools and districts in Wisconsin.This document is meant to be a quick reference for the three types of school-level report cards issued: the public School Report Card, Private School – Choice Students Report Card, and Private

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    • Daily Report Cards 11pgs09 - California

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      appropriate report card in this packet. 3. Issue report card daily. 4. Praise the student daily for behavior improvement, consider classroom reinforcers. 5. Make weekly phone calls to parents to assess successf ul implementation at home and to report ... Behavior/Discipline Trainings, 2003 Daily Report Cards_11pgs09.doc DAILY ACHIEVEMENT REPORT ...

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    • Grading and Report Cards for Standards-Based Physical ...

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      based environment that has produced a grading and report card crisis. The development of content standards, greater access to information about student achievement, and an emphasis on self-directed learning styles have led to changes in the way students are taught and assessed. The shift

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    • Point Sheets/Behavior Report Cards - Intensive Intervention

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      The student’s schedule with a column included to award points . Implementation Procedure: 1. Develop a point sheet to place on a student’s desk to act as a visual reminder for the student and teacher (see example on next page). 2. Identify on the point sheet the specific time periods/subjects when the student can earn points. 3.

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    • Classroom Behavior Report Card Resource Book

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      Classroom Behavior Report Card Resource Book www.interventioncentral.org Introduction The Purpose of This Resource Book. The Classroom Behavior Report Card Resource Book contains pre-formatted teacher and student behavior report cards, along with customized graphs, for

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    • How I Feel About My Last Nine Weeks Report Card

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      9. I care more about _____than the grades on my report card. 10. My parents care more about _____than the grades on my report card. 11. At the end of nine weeks my report card _____ (is/is not) the main thing that tells me how I did. If it is not, what is?

    • 5. ESL Report Card Comments - Secondary ELL in Surrey

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      Markgivenreflects$major$adaptation$of$subject$material$due$to$student’s$present$level$of$ English.$ Has$difficulty$expressing$himself/herself$beyond$a$basic$level ...

    • K-12 Students TAP card Application - Metro

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      Photocopy of current report card _____ Photocopy of current school ID _____ Photocopy of class schedule or printout showing enrollment units _____ Letter on school letterhead with original signature of school official: ... K-12 Student TAP Card Application - Fare Information

    • Maryland Report Card

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      The 2018 Maryland School Report Card provides educators and parents with the most complete picture of school and school system performance in State history. The Report Card, for the first time, includes a broad selection of performance indicators to help measure how schools are doing.


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      Sample Student BALTIMORE COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS MIDDLE SCHOOL REPORT CARD Course Name Course No Sec Teacher MP 1 MP2 MP3 MP 4 HS Final Eval Final Grade HS Credits Absences Skills and ... Not all indicators must be met in order to score a student at a particular level in each category.


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      Just as a student’s report card shows how 4. School report cards identify where a school they are doing in diferent subjects, the is doing well and where it needs to improve school’s report card shows how a school or to ensure that all students’ needs are met.

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