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  • summer solstice yoga class


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      SUMMER SOLSTICE Yoga & Pilates Holiday At luxury Spa Hotel On the West Coast of Sweden Sun 16 June – Sun 23 June 2019, Varbergs Stadshotell & Asia Spa, Varberg, Sweden – 12th Year! Early Bird Offer: £100 off if you book before 31 Jan 2019. Now extended to one week! Including celebration of Swedish Midsummer and International Yoga Day.

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    • A Midsummer’s Solstice

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      A Midsummer’s Solstice Dream Retreat at Soyuzivka June 23-25, 2017 Friday June 23 4:00 Your room is guaranteed for arrival 6:00-7:00 Special Summer Solstice Eve Candlelight- Gentle Yoga Relaxation/Meditation Class - Mainhouse Library

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      Summer Splash* Pool Spotlight Yoga SOULstice* Les Mills Be Moved* Summer Splash* Pool Spotlight Les Mills Be Moved* Summer Splash* Pool Spotlight Les Mills Be Moved* Summer Splash* Pool Spotlight Summer Solstice Father’s Day MIX IT UP: Add variations to your standard routine – try a new move, class or 24GO® workout.

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    • June 8-17 - Downtown Blacksburg

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      June 8-17 Alexander Black House - Children's Room will feature summer solstice themed activities for the kids, so bring the whole family by! Blacksburg Hardware "Color Your Garden" special colors of metal yard girls and yard boys on sale for $11.99 (regular price $16.99).

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    • June2019

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      Summer Solstice Yoga Embrace the light, connect with nature, and create new relationships. Meet on the grass at acac Hunt Valley for a special Summer Solstice Yoga class led by Pam B. followed by light refreshments. Non-members welcome. Peaches & Cream Parfaits Enjoy a sweet, summer treat courtesy of team acac at Hunt Valley.

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    • Pink Lotus Yoga

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      Pink Lotus Yoga Summer 2019 Outdoor Schedule Monday May 27-Monday September 2 Those attending our outdoor classes must have an account with our studio before practicing with us.


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      out. While you are here, we invite you to enjoy daily yoga classes, our world -class natural-foods cuisine, Healing Arts, hiking and walking trails, a lakefront area, sauna, a labyrinth, and extraordinary views— all in the natural beauty of the Berkshires of western Massachusetts. Arrival Day 2:15 pm Check-in begins; rooms are ready by 4:00 pm.

    • Summer Group Exercise stSchedule (starts May 31 )

      Summer Group Exercise stSchedule (starts May 31 ) ... Outdoor Summer Solstice Yoga June 21st @ 5:15p.m.Cardio ... Supported Yoga: A beginner’s yoga class utilizing a stability ball to stretch and strengthen the body gradually. Recommended for all levels looking for a soothing, relaxing, and restorative experience. ...

    • Summer Solstice

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      Summer Solstice 108 Sun Salutations with Liz Smith The class will be broken up in to 9 sets of 12 Sun Salutations each, with time to rest in between each set. We will incorporate a variety of mantra into this practice to connect to the energ of summer and help keep count. We’ll finish this class together

    • Summer Water Aerobics Schedule (starts May 31

      Outdoor Summer Solstice Yoga June 21st from 5:15 – 6:15P.M. (registration required) Summer Water Aerobics Schedule (starts May 31st) CLASS DESCRIPTION: Cardio H2O: A low-impact high-intensity shallow water workout, designed to increase your heart rate and keep you moving.

    • “Greeting the Summer Solstice” A Retreat for Health ...

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      “Greeting the Summer Solstice” A Retreat for Health & Wellness At Soyuzivka Heritage Center June 14-16, 2019 Friday June 14 4:00 Your room is guaranteed for arrival