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    • Plan of Work for 4th Class - April 20-24

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      p. 51 Q1 d,e,f, Q2 d,e,f Q3 c and d Q4 e and f Q5 e and f. Q 6 a and b Q7 and Q8 ... Pick 5 red words from the unit in Reading Zone – find the meaning, find a synonym and put into GOOD sentences. Use neat handwriting for all of your work. Creative Writing. This term we will be learning to write debates. ... I love. Imrím – I play ...

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    • Iran’s oil revenue “love fund”

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      Sep 02, 2005 · Economists fear the love fund will create inflationary pressures. T / F 2. SYNONYM MATCH: Match the following synonyms from the article: a. establish fulfillment b. shun spending c. realization act d. equitable skyrocketing e. measure level f. soaring relieve g. earmarked set up h. alleviate slide i. tapping into avoid j. slump set aside 3.

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    • CHAPTER 9: Constructing and Using Visual Aids

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      You can define a something by using a synonym or antonym. Synonym: a word that has the same or a similar meaning. Antonym: a word that is directly opposite in meaning. Comparison and Contrast (p. 222-223): a method of informing that explains something by focusing on how it …

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    • Kendriya Vidyalaya Mahasamund

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      (a) eat in plates (b) eat together (c) eat with peace (d) there will be peace (5) The synonym of ‘intense dislike is-----(a) justice (b) hatred (c) firm (d) love 1x5=5. SECTION B: WRITING (Total 10 marks) 5.

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    • Famous People Lessons - Ellen MacArthur

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      She instantly fell in d. serious illnesses 5. saved her school e. top sailing teams 6. encouraged her to go f. of the world 7. the solo circumnavigation g. special title 8. cancer and other h. love with sailing 9. made it to the heavens, i. for the big time 10. an asteroid named j. as well as the seas

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    • Iran’s oil revenue “love fund”

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      a. F b. T c. F d. T e. F f. T g. F h. F SYNONYM MATCH: a. help aid b. realization carrying out c. slogan motto d. promise pledge e. more equal fairer f. biggest largest g. spend use h. reduce cut i. predict forecast j. slump decline PHRASE MATCH: a. a plan for a billion dollar “love fund” b.

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    • Famous People Lessons - Helen Clark

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      She protested d. zero nation 5. a Master’s degree e. through the ranks 6. She rose up f. wage six times 7. She has significantly reformed her g. between 1999 and 2008 8. raising the minimum h. the invasion of Iraq 9. Clark signed a landmark i. love for the land 10. She was a …

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      A. analogy B. example C. synonym D. comparison 30. In the passage, readers learn that Tennessee caves have subterranean openings. What does subterranean mean? A. underwater B. underground C. under rocks D. under crystals 31. In the passage, topography most likely has to do with . …

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    • astreabyronwood.org

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      Synonym: a word that has the same or similar meaning as another word . E.g. large big massive huge giantenormous. Antonym: a word that has the opposite meaning of another word. E.g. the antonyms of . nice. would be: mean cruel unkind nasty callous uncaring . sadtoughalerteasyspooky delicate. hugeendsoft slow first calming. small ...

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      A. black hair short B. short black hair C. hair short black D. black short hair . 9. _____. Are you Mr. Thanh? A. I’m sorry B. Excuse me C. Hello D. Certainly. 10. –“Would you like to go to the movie with me tonight?” –“_____.” A. Yes, please B. No, thanks C. Yes, I’d love to D. I’m sorry. I’d love …

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