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    • 5 - Davenport Community School District

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      Use a thesaurus or dictionary online (p. 717B) Find definitions or synonyms & teach how to select the word/Teach how to use a toolbar Main Writing. Expository Writing (p. 716) News Article (717 A) Other. Week 3. Approaching: On Level: Beyond: Main Selection . Vocabulary/Comprehension: Social Studies Link: Read Aloud: Group: Meet a Bone-ified ...

    • Activity - LPSS

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      Black Line Masters. Holt Elements of Language Reader’s Handbook Other Resources 1 Reading (SSR) For Independent Practice, 70, 153, 231, 319, 455, 555, 629, 705, 833, 1039

    • California Treasures, Scope and Sequence: Vocabulary

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      California Treasures, Scope and Sequence: Vocabulary . California Treasures . Vocabulary Scope and Sequence K-6 . Vocabulary words were chosen using the following research-based frequency lists:

    • Canterbury Tales Character Sketch - PC\|MAC

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      3. Read your assigned Pilgrim’s Tale (and Prologue if your tale is short). Three online versions are available on the College English 12 webpage, and our library has three texts as well. 4. Read the Pardoner’s Prologue and Pardoner’s Tale (in-class). 5. Create a Character Sketch for your chosen Pilgrim. 6. Complete the Canterbury Tales ...

    • Connotation vs Denotation DLA

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      Denotation is the literal meaning of a word. It’s the definition you would likely find in a dictionary. For example, the words house and home have the same denotation. In other words, both mean “a place where people live,” but the fact that they are synonyms doesn’t necessarily mean that they are both used in the same contexts.

    • Developing a search strategy - Monash University

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      Check an encyclopedia, dictionary or relevant textbook for precise definitions of terms. Two examples of leading dictionaries which have online versions are Macquarie Dictionary and Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Both include a definition of “social media”.

    • Loudoun County Public Schools

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      List five (5) examples of homographs from your dictionary and define them. List five (5) words that function as more than one part of speech, label what parts of speech they can be, and then use the words correctly in a complete sentence for each part of speech labeled. ... DIRECTIONS: Replace the underlined words with synonyms or words that ...

    • Maria Telkes - Pooles Park

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      You can use an online dictionary. If you can, listen to how they sound when they are read out loud by clicking on the speaker button. Can you think of three synonyms for that word, just like if you were a thesaurus? Use your neatest handwriting to write them in sentences.

    • Reading SOL Study Guide

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      Dictionary - A dictionary is a reference book that is set-up in ABC order to help you locate words. It gives the meaning of words, tells how many syllables are in the word, tells how to pronounce words, gives the part of speech (noun, verb, adjective, etc.), and sometimes gives a …

    • Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary List - Sewanhaka High School

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      Synonyms and Sentences. For each of the Act 2 Words you will find synonyms listed below. First write the vocabulary word from your list that is a synonym. Then use each word in an original sentence of your own. Counterfeit; fake…..Vocab. Word:_____ Sentence: _____

    • Totally 10 Spelling Tasks

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      Your word map should include the following: part of speech, synonyms, antonyms, dictionary definition, a definition in your own words, and a sentence that uses a form of the word. Complete a Crossword Puzzle: (Practice) Select a crossword puzzle created by someone who previously had the same spelling list as you. Complete the crossword puzzle.

    • Unpacking Standards Resources - thenewPE

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      Synonyms: usage, custom, habit, practice, routine, procedure. Source: MSN Encarta Online Dictionary Revised – April, 2006. Assessment Strategy Descriptions. Academic Prompts: open-ended questions or statements that require the student to think critically, not just recall knowledge; between a performance task and question and short answer; ...

    • Welcome to My Teaching Portfolio

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      Teachers will then give each pair of students a McDonald's fries box labelled with their words on it, and fries to write their synonyms on in black marker. If some students finish earlier, give them a new word and have them use an online dictionary for more synonyms or have them choose a word that they know has multiple synonyms.

    • craiglockhartprimary.files.wordpress.com

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      Write them down and, using the context of the story, guess what the words could mean. Note down your ideas by writing the word in one column of a jotter page and the definition in another column. Remember reading the sentence around a word helps to work out the meaning. Finally, use a dictionary/online dictionary to find the true definition.

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