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    • Testing opt-out/Refusal guide for TENNESSEE Form completed ...

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      Testing opt-out/Refusal guide for TENNESSEE Form completed by Peggy Robertson Contact information (email) writepeg@juno.com ... “In the new High School Transition Policy, the State Board stipulated that End of Course ... still appear on the TDOE Report Card. The TDOE Data and Communications division will be .

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    • Getting State Education Data Right - ERIC

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      Changes in State Report Card Standards Tennessee also has recently changed the standards by which it assigns “grades” to schools through the State Report Card. The formula for assigning grades to schools shifted for the 2009-10 school year, with achievement data from 2009 serving as a fixed

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    • Single Sign On (SSO)

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      Report Card Sample - slackbot cloud9 Slac Empower Retirement M 20 Heatthy Freezer ... TDOE Sherepoint Dashboard Manage Attendance Funding EIS Data Reports Accountability Deta Support Security Management eReporting School Nutrition Enhanced EIS Data Entry Highly Qualified Teachers SDE Directory Course Master



      from higher-income or Caucasian families (The Nation’s Report Card, 2017). In Tennessee, only one-third of economically disadvantaged students reached proficiency on standardized reading tests (TDOE, 2016). Regardless of gender, race, or intelligence, children from low-

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    • TEAM Teacher and Principal Evaluation Framework

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      – The TDOE will provide all districts access to this internet-based application. With the exception of our 7 schools who will pilot the Tiger model, all KCS schools must enter observation data directly in TNCompass. Observers and teachers have access to the TNCompass to record and review


    • Vol State P-16 Council January 18, 2013

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      • 70% of 25- to 54-year-old black men with no high- school diploma have no job • A college graduate makes an average of $1.2 million more during their career than a worker with only a high school diploma • 7 of the 10 fastest growing occupations in Tennessee require a post - secondary education

    • Individualized Education Account (IEA) Program

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      notify the TDOE and the school district in which the student resides, and – report to the TDOE which school the student will attend, including return to the public school district. If the student returns to the school district parents must request, in writing, an evaluation for eligibility, in order for the student to be eligible for services.

    • Blount County Schools

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      reporting and distribution of report cards for students in Blount County Schools will not occur on Tuesday, May 20, 2014 as originally planned. All information needed from the school system was provided to TDOE on schedule, and there is nothing that can be done locally to speed the release of the scores.

    • UMich.presentation - TeachingWorks

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      "An analysis of the 2011, 2012, and 2013 Report Card effect scores indicates that several programs have consistently produced teachers that underperform veteran and other beginning teachers in the state." THEC Report Card, November 2013 "[We] insist that preparation be judged by outcomes and impact on P-12

    • Bolton High School - Shelby County Schools

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      Bolton High School 7323 Brunswick Road Arlington, TN 38002 (901) 873-8150 ... This catalog’s purpose is to inform stakeholders of the Tennessee State Department of Education (TDOE) Graduation Requirements and the Bolton High School Curriculum. ... their last report card and/or transcript, a shot record, a birth certificate, and custody ...


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      see a bump back up in the 2018 TDOE Annual Report . 2016-17 job-embedded had 36.4% male completers, and initial licensure had 26.9% male completers .The 2016-17 program completers combined yielded a 29.9% male completer rate.

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