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    • Become a Teacher in Washington - Teacher Certification Map

      the education of elementary, middle and high school students. This practitioner-oriented teacher preparation program provides students with opportunities to become skillful in thinking about and using research to improve education. The MIT program at Washington State University is an, integrated course of study and field experiences

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    • Career and Technical Education Teacher Preparation Program

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      Teacher Certificates. Washington also has two levels of certification for classroom teachers: residency and professional. To obtain a residency teacher certificate, applicants must complete an approved teacher preparation program and pass a basic skills test and a content knowledge test.

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    • Division of Teaching and Learning Directory of State ...

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      a Washington teacher preparation program and to work as an educator in Washington schools. The best preparation for this test is to have studied consistently throughout your preparation both before and in college. At the point when you are preparing to take the test, effective preparation …

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    • Educator Field Placement in Rural Areas

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      Teacher Preparation Program Field Placement Agreement The Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 181-78A-125 requires that all educator preparation programs approved or authorized by the professional educator standards board or programs approved in other states

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    • Evaluating the Effectiveness of Teacher Preparation ...

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      101 The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (caep) and local, state, and federal governments should require that teacher preparation programs have strong affir-mative, empirical evidence of the positive impact of their graduates on preK–12 student learning. 2 States should work with teacher preparation program

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    • The State of Racial Diversity in the Educator Workforce

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      partnership grant programs for school districts and state-approved teacher preparation programs to offer three alternative routes to certification, each targeting a different type of prospective teacher.4 Exhibit 1 Washington™s Alternative Routes to Teacher Certification …

    • Washington Educator Skills Tests—Basic® (WEST–B®)

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      teacher preparation programs differently presents. To begin laying the groundwork for the complex work ahead, we provide information on the following policy-relevant questions: ¡ What is the current status of teacher preparation program accountability and support? ¡ How is teacher preparation program evaluation changing?

    • Washington State BILL House of Representatives ANALYSIS ...

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      of Teacher Education (NCATE), now known as the Council for the Accreditation Educator of Preparation (CAEP). GW also has State program approval via the District of Columbia Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) and is authorized to prepare candidates for DC licensure in the subject area disciplines below.

    • Washington State University - College of Education

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      Student teachers in Washington State are likely to take field placements near where they grew up. Nearly all student teachers in Washington participate in field placements within 50 miles of their teacher preparation program. Teacher preparation programs may be structured in ways that are not conducive to student teaching

    • assessing and evaluating teacher preparation programs

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      should be U.S. Department of Education, Office of Planning, Evaluation and Policy Development, Policy and Program Studies Service, The State of Racial Diversity in the Educator Workforce , …