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    • Academic Careers: Teaching Statements

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      TAILOR YOUR TEACHING STATEMENT It is imperative that your teaching statement be targeted to the department and university to which you are applying. Before getting started on your teaching statement, consider the following questions. • What is the mission of the university? • Will you be teaching graduate students or undergraduate students?

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      DIVERSITY STATEMENT BENJAMIN MAKO HILL Issues of diversity and inequality are deeply important to me – personally and professionally. I grew up in a large and implausibly diverse family. Through adoption and chance, I have siblings who are white, black, and Asian-American, who are gay and straight, and who have several different native languages.

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    • Diversity Statements: Resources - Excellence in Education

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      Diversity Statements: Resources "The diversity statement is quickly emerging as the fifth required document of the typical job application, along with the CV, cover letter, teaching statement, and research statement."

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    • Jesus Ramirez-Valles, PhD, MPH, Teaching Statement ...

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      Teaching Statement. Community Heath Sciences, School of Public Health, University of Illinois-Chicago I began teaching almost twenty years ago, while a high school student in Mexico. It was then that I discovered my love for teaching and its potential to transform the lives of both students and teachers.

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    • Job Candidate Chemical Research - University of Pennsylvania

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      Job Candidate Chemical Research I am a synthetic chemist, I enjoy mixing chemicals and making new architecturally interesting molecules and solid state materials. I became interested in inorganic chemistry because of one element Boron! (And Jim Spencer’s enthusiasm as well, of course.) The

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      Teaching is an integral part of my identity as an academic. Because we are scholars inside and outside of the classroom, my research informs my teaching and my teaching informs my research. Early in my career, I developed a passion for helping students to think critically about quantitative methods and …

    • Research and Teaching Statement - Ted Pavlic

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      Research and Teaching Statement Theodore P. Pavlic Research Interests I am particularly interested in emergent patterns in complex multi-agent systems. I study both how to design effective autonomous decision-making systems as well as the rationale behind decisions of living agents in natural systems.

    • TEACHING STATEMENT - Welcome to alumni.media.mit.edu

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      TEACHING STATEMENT Daniel McDu djmcdu @media.mit.edu ... These experiences taught me the importance of clear instructions and simple metaphors in teaching. Future Plans I would be able to teach foundational and advanced courses in a number of areas of computer science, includ-

    • Teaching Portfolio - Center for New Designs in Learning ...

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      to the instruc-tional mission. She further suggests that “. . . a teaching portfolio can be an effective document to connect teaching activity with the personal statement of the candidate.” In this updated handbook, Preparing a Teaching Portfolio, we can now offer faculty

    • Teaching Statement

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      Teaching Statement Frédo Durand ... I strongly believe in the importance of education in a society, and teaching has provided me with my most rewarding professional experiences. The knowledge we accumulate as researchers and practitioners is valuable only if it is shared. ... DurandTeaching.PDF …

    • Teaching Statement - Texas A&M University

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      Teaching Statement In my opinion, teaching is one of the most enjoyable ways to lifelong learning experience and to discover the inner potential. It gives an unique opportunity to share knowledge and free exchange of ideas in a conducive atmosphere. As Will Durant rightly said “Education is the

    • Teaching Statement - University of Wisconsin–Madison

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      Teaching Statement I am highly motivated in applying for a faculty position in a University because I thoroughly enjoy guiding, teaching & interacting with students and love working as a Professor. My teaching statement is organized as follows. First, I briefly explain the lessons learnt about teaching during my student years.

    • Writing a Statement of Teaching Philosophy for the ...

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      philosophy statements and provide a rubric for evaluating a teaching statement and aiming it at the right audience. What Constitutes a Good Statement? In their survey of search committee chairs, Meizlish and Kaplan (in press) found broad agreement on the desirable characteristics of a statement of teaching …

    • Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement

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      Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement Helen G. Grundman For many new to the academic job market, one of the most daunting steps of assembling a dossier is that of writing a teaching philosophy statement. What is a teaching philosophy? How do teachers and future teachers figure out what their philoso-phies are? Once you know what your philosophy