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    • Academic Careers: Teaching Statements

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      TAILOR YOUR TEACHING STATEMENT It is imperative that your teaching statement be targeted to the department and university to which you are applying. Before getting started on your teaching statement, consider the following questions. • What is the mission of the university? • Will you be teaching graduate students or undergraduate students?

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    • Example Statements Contributions to Diversity

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      Example1:ContributionstoDiversity (Ihave"long"been"committed"to"diversity,"and"recognize"the"barriers"faced"by"women"and"other" minorities"in"engaging"in"science ...

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    • Research and Teaching Statement - Ted Pavlic

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      Research and Teaching Statement Theodore P. Pavlic Research Interests I am particularly interested in emergent patterns in complex multi-agent systems. I study both how to design effective autonomous decision-making systems as well as the rationale behind decisions of living agents in natural systems.

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    • Sample Teaching Statement (Music) McDougal Graduate ...

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      Sample Teaching Statement (Music) McDougal Graduate Teaching Center (2006) St a t e m e n t o f te a c h i n g Ph i l o S o P h y As a teacher, I aim to perpetuate knowledge and inspire learning. More specifically, as a musicologist I in-

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    • Statement of Teaching Interests and Teaching Philosophy

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      Statement of Teaching Interests and Teaching Philosophy James Lake eacThing Interests My teaching experiences are quite diverse. I have been the Instructor for Econometrics on two occasions and for Elements of Macroeconomics on two occasions. In particular, one of the Econo-

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    • TEACHING STATEMENT - Welcome to alumni.media.mit.edu

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      TEACHING STATEMENT Daniel McDu djmcdu @media.mit.edu ... These experiences taught me the importance of clear instructions and simple metaphors in teaching. Future Plans I would be able to teach foundational and advanced courses in a number of areas of computer science, includ-

    • Teaching Portfolio - Center for New Designs in Learning ...

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      to the instruc-tional mission. She further suggests that “. . . a teaching portfolio can be an effective document to connect teaching activity with the personal statement of the candidate.” In this updated handbook, Preparing a Teaching Portfolio, we can now offer faculty

    • Teaching Statement - Faculty Support Site

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      Teaching Statement Alexander Barinov Terry College of Business University of Georgia September 2014 1 Summary I started in my current position at University of Georgia in Fall 2008. My primary teaching load was to teach upper-level nance courses, FINA 4310 (Survey of Investments) and FINA 4330 (Trading Strategies and Financial Models).

    • Teaching Statement - University of Wisconsin–Madison

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      Teaching Statement I am highly motivated in applying for a faculty position in a University because I thoroughly enjoy guiding, teaching & interacting with students and love working as a Professor. My teaching statement is organized as follows. First, I briefly explain the lessons learnt about teaching during my student years.

    • Teaching Statement - Wesleyan University

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      Teaching Statement Daniel R. Licata I love teaching, and have successfully taught undergraduates at Carnegie Mellon and Brown. I have Lectured to small (20-30 students), medium (50-80 students), and large (150-225 students) class-rooms, for 2 semesters for …

    • Teaching Statement Danae Dotolo - School of Social Work

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      Jul 08, 2016 · Teaching Statement Danae Dotolo University of Washington School of Social Work danaed@uw.edu . Teaching Philosophy . My primary goal as an instructor is to encourage students to develop increased awareness of their values, interests and strengths, so that they will be prepared to

    • Teaching Statements and Portfolios: Critical Reflection ...

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      Teaching Statements and Portfolios: Critical Reflection about Teaching Practice Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning citl@indiana.edu * 812‐855‐9023 * citl.indiana.edu What is a statement of teaching philosophy (or teaching statement)? For graduate students, typically a two-page description of your philosophical and

    • Writing Your Teaching Philosophy

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      • Explain specifically why you are passionate about teaching music. Describe the enjoyment and fulfillment you receive from watching your students develop as musicians and persons. • Your statement should reflect deep thinking about the teaching profession. Include any prominent education theorists (Howard!Gardner, Piaget, Dewey, etc.)

    • teaching example personal statement

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      Example personal statement for a teacher training course Enabling children to grasp the foundational knowledge and skills that they will use for the rest of their lives is a wonderful gift. Good education is, in my belief, the single most important thing we can impart to the younger generation.