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      What about the Cosmic Microwave Background that supposedly proves the Big Bang theory? O. r. what about . the astronomical redshift . t. hat supposedly means the universe is expanding? The answer to the microwave objection . can be summed up in one. sentence - " The . quantum . entanglement o. f . microwaves with all of space-tim. e means the ...

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      Big Bang. which agreed with key observations of the day, namely Hubble's . red shift observations, and Hoyle was a strong critic of the Big Bang. Ironically, he is responsible for coining the term "Big Bang" in a . BBC. radio programme, The Nature of Things while criticising the theory…

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      Information about Big Bang and Inside of Black Hole . According to the Big Bang theory, the universe began about 14 billion years ago as an unimaginably hot and dense fog of light and exotic particles. The Universe has since continuously expanded and cooled. The whole Universe is bathed in the afterglow light from the Big Bang.

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      Linde then goes on to explain the theory that the big bang formed from a single point and has inflated into the universe that we know. "In this scenario the universe as a whole is immortal. Each particular part of the universe may stem from a singularity somewhere in the past, and it may end up in a singularity somewhere in the future ...

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      The Big Bang is the scientific theory that the entire Universe emerged from an enormously dense and hot state in one huge explosion about 13.7 billion years ago. Many scientists studying space believe that, since this event, space itself has been expanding with the passage of time, carrying the galaxies with it away from the center of the universe.

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