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  • the importance of purpose


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      structuring of these resources according to main characteristics, for the purpose of modernization and agricultural and rural development. Key words: agricultural extension service, types, models, functioning, human resources Introduction Extension service in agriculture is indispensable and it offers more than just expert

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    • Licensure of Nurses: An Integral Part of Public Protection

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      Licensure of Nurses: An Integral Part of Public Protection This paper discusses the importance of nursing licensure in the provision of safe health care. It presents the purpose of licensure, addresses how it protects the public and discusses the role of the board of nursing.

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    • Module: The Writing Process Understanding the Four …

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      sp Purpose is the goal or aim of a piece of writing: to express oneself, to provide information, to persuade, or to create a literary work. There are four purposes writers use for writing. When someone communicates ideas in writing, they usually do so to express themselves, inform their reader, to persuade a reader or to create a literary work.

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    • Purpose and Importance disaster or emergency. These ...

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      Purpose and Importance The purpose of this guidance is to provide Applicants with information regarding Federal and State accounting, recordkeeping, documentation, and procurement requirements. This guide includes a reference tool and easy to use checklists to assist in: Establishing accurate and complete accounting and recordkeeping systems;


    • Teacher Assessment and Evaluation

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      purpose of teacher assessment and evaluation. The core purpose of teacher assessment and evaluation should be to strengthen the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and classroom practices of professional educators. This goal serves to promote student growth and learning while also inspiring great teachers to remain in the classroom.

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    • The Importance of Christian Education

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      The Importance of Christian Education (Though I wrote this article several years ago and quoted some leaders of that day, the message is unchangeable. For this reason, it is submitted for your consideration.) Sometime ago I wrote an article entitled "God's Thoughts and Man's Thought" which appeared in …

    • The Importance of Parental Involvement

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      The Importance of Parental Involvement Environmental, social, and economic factors have a powerful effect on student performance. Any one of the following factors place a child at greater risk of underachieving in school:[5] Growing up in poverty Run down schools Inadequate learning opportunities Neighborhood distress

    • The Purpose of a Budget - Wayne State University

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      The Purpose of a Budget A budget provides reviewers with an in-depth picture of how the project will be structured and managed. Budget details usually reveal whether a proposed project has been carefully planned and may ultimately be feasible. Furthermore, a budget must be complete and reasonable. A

    • The Purposes of a Syllabus - Northern Arizona University

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      an integration of purpose and content. Clearly, these two issues are related, but we posit that the purpose of a syllabus should drive the content. We would like to discuss the three major roles that syl-labi might serve and the corresponding implications for syllabus content. These important functions include ( a) serving as

    • The Role of Teacher Mentoring in Educational Reform

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      The importance of setting goals and expectations for the mentoring program cannot be overemphasized (Janas, 1996). Clear goals and expectations must be articulated that are specific to both the types of mentorship to be developed and what is intended to be accomplished (Freedman and Jaffe, 1993).

    • The purpose of a lesson plan - The Carnegie Center for ...

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      The purpose of a lesson plan: To pinpoint what information and skills the student needs to learn and how to get her to learn it. Tutoring is an organized exercise in ...


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      HEDIS® Quick Reference Guide for Adults The following diagnosis and/or procedure codes in the HEDIS Quick Reference Guide are in compliance with the HEDIS® 2012 Volume 2 Technical Specifications.. Reimbursement for these services will be in accordance with the terms and conditions of …

    • What is Nursing Informatics and Why is it so Important?

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      What is Nursing Informatics and Why is it so Important? Number 11 FIGURE 1. SAMPLE APPLICATIONS OF NURSING INFORMATICS Clinical Practice • Recording of patient assessment data in an electronic health record • Recording of workload and interven- ... The purpose of ICNP ...

    • What is the purpose of sampling?

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      Sampling In Research In research terms a sample is a group of people, objects, or items that are taken from a larger population for measurement. The sample should be representative of the population to ensure that we can generalise the findings from the research sample to the population as a whole. What is the purpose of sampling?