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    • An opportunity exists for a motivated, passionate teacher ...

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      An opportunity exists for a motivated, passionate teacher to join the Ben Venue team as a teacher/librarian from January 30 2017-April 7 2017. The position is full-time for Term 1. Ben Venue . Ben Venue Public School has a current enrolment of 540students, including 12% Aboriginal students and 12% from a non-English speaking background. The ...

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    • My Future Professional Goals - UVACollab : Gateway

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      From the next academic school year, I will be a full time Chinese language and culture teacher in a high school. This new challenging teaching position requires me to set my new professional goals and try to accomplish those goals according to my timeline. To be a successful and passionate Chinese teacher, my professional goals are:


    • Reward Trust 5th Teacher Training Refresher Course

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      SS Rajagopalan, a passionate teacher and 1982 best teacher award winner, drew from the vast experience he has had from 34 years of service as Head master. The importance of no detention, no home work ( particularly for poor rural children), the fairly significant probability for late bloomers and the need to own up responsiblity if a student ...


    • SCHOLARSHIP - Fredonia

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      Then describe a specific example that you think provides evidence of your claim to be a passionate teacher, such as spending extra time with an underachieving student so he or she could be successful, or spending extra time studying education course work so you could build your professional knowledge.

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    • STEM and CTE Investments A Report on House Bill 3072

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      Building student interest in pursuing jobs in high-wage and high-demand occupations requires a variety of actions at state, regional, and local levels. Student decisions can be influenced by a passionate teacher, a concerned counselor, an involved parent, a dedicated community member, or their own peers.

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      Maths Teacher. Start: For . September. 20. 20. Salary: MPR / U. P. R. Closes: 9.00 am, Friday . 6 March 2020. An opportunity has arisen for a dynamic, energetic, inspirational teacher of mathematics who is passionate about teaching and learning and who aims to inspire and promote the wonder and awe mathematics has to offer.

    • The English Teachers’ Association of Queensland Inc

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      Lead teacher, English and Humanities, Parklands Christian College. Mandy is an enthusiastic, curious and passionate teacher of English. Encouraging students to think for themselves, look deeper into both literary and non-literary texts, and utilise this knowledge to better the world around them, is a huge part of what drives Mandy’s love of teaching and learning.

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      Are you passionate about . children ’s early development . and learning? If so, then we have got the job for you! We are looking for an inspirational, creative and passionate teacher to join our dynamic team for September 2019. Chestnuts Primary School is a happy and inclusive two …

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      Having a really passionate teacher kind of pushes it on to you and makes you really enjoy what you’re doing. Because they’re passionate about the content, then you’ll be passionate about it as well. Matthew Smith (P. re-service teacher, Victoria University)

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      I have worked as a science teacher of a local school and I have received an excellent review from the school and my students. I am a passionate teacher and enjoy helping others learn. Several trainings I have attended have taught me to constantly improve my teaching style, thus, I …