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    • The Word Within the Word

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      The essence of The Word Within the Word Volume Two is that it resumes right where The Word Within the Word Volume One paused, allowing the first year’s exploration of the interior of English vocabulary to be preserved, reinforced, and used as a foundation for important further study of this usually unseen language within words.


    • The Word Within the Word List #1 - Mr. Westfall's Classroom

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      The Word Within the Word List #6 germ greg mar prim PYro clam P~U tang string litier junct clud se trib 1 dign luc rupt vat medi soph eurr i , tempor migr : *ans 'lm"v L (vital or related)


    • The Word Within the Word List #6 - Air Academy High School

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      The Word Within the Word List #6 germ germane, greg gregarious, mar marine, prim pyro (vital or related) (group) (sea) (first) (fire) germinate, germicide, germinal, germ egregious, gregariously, segregate, congregate, ag®ate marina, ultramarine, maritime, mariner, marinate, submarine

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    • The Word Within the Word • List #10

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      The Word Within the Word • Classic Words #10 _____ In each case below, one of the choices was really the word used by the author in the sentence provided. All of the choices can be found in the example words on the first page of this lesson. Your challenge is to decide which word the author


    • Within Word Pattern - Prentice Hall

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      Within Word Pattern The Within Word Pattern stage of literacy development is a transitional period—a time between the beginning stage, when students’ reading and writing are quite labored, and the intermediate stage, when students can read nearly all texts they encounter. During the Within


    • Word Within the Word - STEMS hools.org

      Word Within the Word - STEMS List 1 Stem Definition ante before anti against bi two circum around com together con together de down dis away equi equal extra beyond inter between intra within intro into mal bad mis bad non not post after pre before semi half sub under super over syn together sym together tri …

    • Word Within the Word List #2

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      Word Within the Word List #2 . 1. archy (government) monarchy, hierarchy, anarchy, matriarchal, patriarch . 2. ard (always) drunkard, coward, dullard, sluggard, braggart

    • Word Within the Word List #8 - Folsom Cordova Unified ...

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      Word Within the Word List #8 Using the context clues from the sentence and your understanding of the root, define the underlined words in the following sentences. 1. His sedentary job left him weak and out of shape. 2. The college student’s handwriting was illegible. 3. The …

    • Word Within the Word lists 1-20 2014-2015 - Binder Blocks

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      Word Within the Word (W3) lists# 1-20 Complete the following for each W3 list. Please title each entry with the correct assignment name/type and put your name on each page. [.5 point each] LIST [5 points] title = “W3 List #____” (please write the list number instead of a blank) o Copy each stem, its definition, and at least 2 words that contain the stem onto a note card.

    • Word Within the word List #3

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      Word Within the word List #3 Stem Definition Stem/Word within Words Origin homo (same) homogenize, homonym, homophone, homologus, homozygous Greek spec (look) spectacles, specter, specious, spectrum, respect, inspect, prospectus Latin duct (lead) conduct, ductile, induct, product, reduction, deduction, reproduction Latin