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    • Commonly Confused Words: Then vs. Than

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      Then and than sound a little alike, but their meanings are different. Then can be an adverb meaning in that case, in addition or in the next moment. It can also be a noun meaning a moment or specific time. Example 1: If Mike is late, then he should apologize. Example 2: I did the dishes, then I went to bed.

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    • Greater Than, Less Than, or Equal To Worksheets 1-4

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      Greater Than, Less Than, or Equal To Answer Keys Worksheets 1-4 Items 4681-1 -4681-4 Greater Than, Less Than, or Equal To Worksheet 1 Greater Than, Less Than, or Equal To Worksheet 2 Greater Than, Less Than, or Equal To Worksheet 3 Greater Than, Less Than, or Equal To Worksheet 4

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      Than vs. Then The word ‘then’ is used to refer to a time when something happened, or to a consequence as in an 'if...then' sequence. The word ‘than’ is a conjunction used when making comparisons. Fill in the blank with the best word: than or then. 1. I’m stopping in Boston for a day, ____ flying on to Toronto. 2.


    • Than or Then

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      Than or Then Fifth Grade Vocabulary Worksheet Online reading & math for K-5 www.k5learning.com Complete each sentence with the word than or then. Than is a conjunction meaning in comparison to. Then can be an adverb meaning in that case, in addition; or a noun meaning a moment, specific time.

    • Than vs. Then

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      Than-is a way to compare two different subjects. Ex: She is smarter than I am. In this sentence “than” is comparing the speaker’s intellectual level to everyone else. Then- is used as a way to talk about a time in the past or in the future. Ex: I have a lot of homework to do by then.

    • Than vs. Then

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      Than vs. Then . Than is a conjunction word used to compare objects; whereas then is an adverb usually used to indicate an event that took place after something. Examples: I’d much rather have the chicken nuggets than the kale salad. I like Peeta more than Gale in The Hunger Games.

    • Than/Then • • • • • • • • •Rules to Remember

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      Than/Then • • • • • • • • •Rules to Remember Rule: Use the word than to show a comparison. What do you have to know in order to teach your dogs tricks?. . . more than the dog What’s more amazing than a dog that can count?. . . a spelling bee Rule: Use the word then …

    • The Proper Use of Then Than

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      The Proper Use of Then/Than Then (Draw your mouth back a little and “smile” as you say it.) Rhymes with when. and . been and fin. 1. At that time: •The olden days were much better because people knew how to act then. (at that time) •First we ate dinner, and then we went for a walk.

    • Usage 2-2a then than

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      (Use of Then or Than) Note: Then is an adverb that refers to time. It rhymes with pen. Than is a conjunction used with comparisons. It rhymes with pan. Directions: Write the correct word, then or than, in the space provided. Example: If you are correct, _____ go ahead and finish the test. (then, than)

    • €And Then There Were None AGATHA CHRISTIE

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      €And Then There Were None € by € AGATHA CHRISTIE € € €CHAPTER 1 € €IN THE CORNER of a first-class smoking carriage, Mr. Justice Wargrave, lately€retired from the bench, puffed at a cigar and ran an interested eye