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  • top 100 american names

    • 101 Characteristics of Americans/American Culture - The ...

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      To help you compare and contrast what you observe of American ... and often will tell you his or her name. 22. ... It's best to just listen first to see the other .... 100. Americans often talk to each other or on the cell phone while using the bathroom.

    • Baby Names, Visualization, and Social Data Analysis

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      to American baby names called The Baby Name Wizard [14] which used a ..... “I was appalled to note that my name is now in the top 100, while it was about ...

    • Distinctive African American Names: An Experimental ... - jstor

      Many African American parents create unique names for their children. Al- though in the ...... the top 100 names for African American boys and 87 percent of the ...

    • Popular Baby Names - NSW Registry of Births Deaths ...

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      NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages - Popular Baby Names - 2018. 2018 .... Maya. 130. 100. Vincent. 90. Quinn. 70. Prepared: April 2019. P1 of 9 pages ...

    • The Instability of Androgynous Names: The Symbolic ... - jstor

      tory of androgynous names in American society thus far. ...... girls and boys in the same year (that is, ranking among the top 100 names given to newborn boys ...

    • The attractiveness of names - University of Leicester

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      It usually tells us the sex of the person, though there are names such as. Hilary, Leslie ... social class: names like Jason, Lee, and Wayne are currently popular among .... The final list of 100 male names, from Abraham to William, included such.

    • baby names - McCrindle

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      the top baby girl name in Australia for the third year in a row, exceeding ... Seven new boys' and five new girls' names enter the Top 100. Alyssa. Molly. Thea.

    • the causes and consequences of distinctively black names

      name choices of American-born Asians strongly parallel White name choices. ... The top quartile is very close to 100 throughout the entire time period (i.e. almost.